Printable Leaf Pattern Template

Feb 26, 2013
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Printable Leaf Pattern Template

Printable Leaf Pattern Template

Leaves Templates Printable
Leaves Templates Printabledownload

What is the pattern of a leaf?

Leaf pattern templates are commonly used for decoration. It commonly comes in a form of printing. Well, we actually can learn science from things we have usually seen, including leaf pattern templates. Well, when it comes to the science of the pattern of a leaf, we need to know the definition of it. From a botanical perspective, leaf pattern can be defined as the specific or peculiar lining that is used as a method of leaves that attach itself to twigs and stems. Usually, the botanists differentiate the pattern of leaves into three main varieties. There are opposite, alternate, and whorled patterns of the leaf. The most common pattern of a leaf that can be found easily is the opposite and the alternate variants. The whorled kind is actually determined as an unusual pattern. It only can be found on trees and shrubs that have shorter internodes.

Why do leaves have patterns?

The lines inside the patterns of leaves are various. It is not only used to differentiate the leaves from one to another, but it actually has the practical function for the plants themselves.
The patterns of leaves can be considered as the vascular system. The vascular system on a plant helps to transport water, hormones, sugars, and protein throughout a whole part of the plant. This system helps the plant to grow and multiply.

Fall Leaf Patterns Printable
Fall Leaf Patterns Printabledownload

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What are the different types of leaves?

Although there are three variants of leaf patterns, it is good to know to understand the types of leaves first. Yes, the shapes of the leaves, no patterns of the leaves. Actually, there are two main types of leaves. It is differentiated based on the shape, arrangements on the stem, and the size. It is also distinguished based on the existence of the flower, it is called leaves of flowerings and non-flowering plants.

The two of the shapes of leaves including:
1. Simple leaf, there is only one lamina that connects to the stem. We can find this in guava.
2. Compound leaf, it consists of two or more leaflets, the midrib of the leaf is divided into different leaflets. They are connected by one petiole. The compound leaf is actually divided into two smaller types, including palmately compound leaf and pinnately compound leaf. The palmately compound leaf is when the leaflets are connected at the edge of the petiole. While the pinnately leaves are the leaf that the midrib is branched into some leaflets. They all are connected by the common axis.

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