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Sep 01, 2014
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Printable Lined Journal Paper
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How do I create a daily work journal?

The daily journal serves as a means to document a series of activities, goals, and plans to be carried out. All of them are written in a journal paper. Usually, this daily journal is recorded in a list form with a description of the time in it. Sometimes, we are confused about what to write in the daily journal. In fact, to start writing it was quite a headache. Sometimes, we are confused about what to write in the daily journal. In fact, to start writing it was quite a headache. However, there is a smart way to start a daily journal. Just remember the acronym W.R.I.T.E.
1.    W stands for what do you want to write about?
What are your goals that need to be achieved in a day? What is your plan on this day?
2.    R is for reviewing or reflecting. After writing down a bunch of lists onto the journal paper, review it once again. It helps us to determine what we feel, what we want, or what we need on a certain day.
3.    I refers investigate
Investigate things that cross your mind or feelings. This helps when we lose the track.
4.    T stands for time yourself.
Give some time as much as 5 to 15 minutes. Decide a certain period of time to work with our tasks and goals. Define a specific time when to start and when to finish. This will be helpful to know our pace. So, we can gradually increase it day by day.
5.    E is for exit smart
Try to re-read what we have written in our daily journal. We can go back to the R that stands for review. Yes, we're about reviewing how our day went. See our progress each day. So, we can notice whether there is a change or not.

Is it good to write a daily journal?

Yes, it is. Here are the benefits of writing a daily journal for our lives:
1.    Increases happiness
When it comes to writing a daily journal on a journal paper, we are not only writing our daily schedule, but also our things that make us grateful. This can help to motivate ourselves to stay happy.
2.    Records the progress of achievements by tracking the daily tasks to reach those.
A daily journal paper is helpful to document the progress of our movements to reach our goals. When we write the daily journal on a journal paper, we can compare today's progress to another day.
3.    Watch over the health and wellness state
Like we said before, every state, including our current feeling and health conditions can be written on the journal paper. When we do this, we can know our health history. If we get sick, we can understand whether the current illness is the manifestation of the previous illness or not.

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What do I write in my journal?

You can write anything that you experience in a daily life on the journal paper. Here are the recommended list of things you can write on the journal paper:
1.    The ideal day.
2.    Gratitude.
3.    Health state.
4.    Bucket list.
5.    Goals and dreams.

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