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Sep 10, 2015
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Printable Skeleton Cut Out
Printable Skeleton Cut Outdownload

What are some Halloween activities?

In America or other countries, Halloween itself is one of the most anticipated celebrations. Because there are many things you can do when Halloween arrives. Halloween, which is celebrated every October 31 every year, is always closely related to everything mystical. Because of that, the way to celebrate it, even though it varies, still intersects with scary things.

Want to know what can be done when Halloween arrives? Here are some Halloween activities that you can do to celebrate this spooky season!

Watch movies – Many activities are usually done to celebrate Halloween. One of them is by watching horror genre films. This moment can also be used to gather together with family or closest friends.

Wear costumes – Western-style witch or Dracula-style clothing and ghosts are popular when Halloween arrives. But nowadays, Halloween clothes are not limited to the ghosts mentioned above or just basic ghosts costumes, now those who celebrate Halloween can wear scary clothes adapted from movies or books, you know. For example, dressing up as the mysterious clown Pennywise in the IT movie. Also, you can dress up as anything you want, from a princess to a sandwich!

Fun cooking – Nowadays there are lots of cakes made especially with scary Halloween friends. For example, small cookies that are made to resemble pieces of fingers complete with artificial blood. Or, cook special Halloween menus in various countries. One of them is candy apples, a typical Halloween food from North America. This food is very easy to make, as you only need apples that have been handled and dipped in icing or caramel.

Decorating – Decorating here, of course, with the warm tones of autumn. Because in his home country, America, Halloween is celebrated to coincide with the arrival of autumn. Besides that, decorations are usually creepy too. One of them is the Jack O'Lantern decoration, which is a Halloween symbol in the form of a creepy face made of an orange pumpkin.

Games, games, and games! – There are tons of fun Halloween games that you can play with your friends or loved ones, like trick or treat, Halloween skeleton game, bobbing apples, and many more!


What are some fun Halloween games?

So this time I will discuss some fun games for kids that are often played or even played during the Halloween season, let’s see the following list!

Donut O’ Race – Your little one and his friends must be excited about participating in a donut eating competition. To make it even more exciting, hang each of these donuts with a clean rope on a pole or tree branch that runs across and cover each participant's eyes with a cloth.

Mummy Wrap – Your little one has a hobby of pulling toilet paper rolls but you often get mad at you? Now, this is the time for him to channel his "hobby" without being scolded. Divide the participants into two groups, and give 2-3 rolls of toilet paper to each group. As soon as the music was turned on, the participants had to start wrapping one friend in their group in the tissue, from toe to neck. Once the music stops, everything has to stop wrapping up. The winner is the fastest and the neatest result. Oh yeah, if you don't have toilet paper, you can also replace it with crepe paper.

Mr.Skeleton’s Race  – This Halloween skeleton game takes a little bit of craftwork before the party starts. Draw a simple skull on thick, stiff cardboard, then cut each bone section into separate pieces. Later, all the pictures of the parts of the bones will be distributed to the group (one group gets a set of pictures of parts of the bones). Now, their job is to compile the image of the bones into one complete skull shape.

Pin the Heart On the Skeleton Printables
Pin the Heart On the Skeleton Printablesdownload
Halloween Connect the Dots Skeleton
Halloween Connect the Dots Skeletondownload
Halloween Skeleton Game
Halloween Skeleton Gamedownload
Halloween Skeleton Coloring Pages Printables
Halloween Skeleton Coloring Pages Printablesdownload

How do you plan a good Halloween party?

  1. Pick the theme
  2. Prepare Halloween decorations that also fit the theme
  3. Make some Halloween games (like a classic Halloween skeleton game or new Halloween games)
  4. Serve Halloween themed Food & Drink (make sure to make a warning “containing allergens” if you use ingredients such as nuts)
  5. Play some fun Halloween songs


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