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Updated on Jan 28, 2022
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How can I play a path board game with numbers?

You might need the activity that supposed the kids to learn numbers. playing a path board games can be the solution. You can buy the path board game but constructing with your kids is way much more fun. Let’s get to the details!

Involve the path board game with writing and coloring activity. Therefore, you need to gather a blank path board game with images. It commonly has snakes and stairs in it. Then, you also have to prepare a pen and coloring pencil.

Start with printing out the blank template. Instruct kids to number the blank template while also giving the start and finish tags. The first box will be the start and the end should be labeled as a finish.

Jump to numbering, of course, it depends on the template you’ve prepared. You can go with 1-100 numbers.  Continue with the coloring activity. Let the kids to coloring all of the boxes as they wish. snakes and stairs need to color too. You can let them explore the color to put on every box. After being done with numbering and coloring, it’s time to guide kids in the gameplay.

 You will the dice and pion to play this game. Throw the dice and let the kids count the amount between the two dice. Then, they have to make the pion walk from the finish line until the numbers are in line with the dice amount. Each player should do this as they turn.

In this game, if kids land the pion in snakes, it means they have to go down following its tail. Meanwhile, the stairs mean they can go up. The winner will be the one who gets to the finish box first.

Those are how you can make kids play path board games from scratch. It is such an enjoyable game for kids to learn coloring and numbering.

What are the types of board games?

Nowadays, board games are still attractive to people. Board games consist of several types which you can choose based on how you can play. If you are curious more about the board game type, just go straight on and get inspired!

Abstract means the board games that do not even use any theme at all. Chess is the one that belongs to the abstract board game. Area control board game commonly uses the map as the space to compete.

Area control games you can play are Small World, Blood Rage, and Risk. Campaign and legacy games actually have the same style. The Campaign board game belongs to the individual game which is supposed to follow the instruction that connects to the story.

Meanwhile, the legacy is the same type but it is only able to play one time because it will make you do the permanent action like applying the sticker. The ones that belong to these games are Star Realms, Dominion, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, and more.

Dexterity belongs to the hoard game that uses physical activity and skills. Examples of this kind of board game are Catacombs, Flip Ships, Cube Quest, and many more. Engine-builder is a board game that makes you build something like an engine. Board games that include this type are Race for the Galaxy, Res Arcana, and so on.

Other types of board games you might be curious to know about are our deck builder, deck construction, drafting, Eurogame, social deduction, storytelling, wargame, and so on.

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Board Game Path Templates
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Board Game Path Templates
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What board games can play by all ages?

You might figure out the games to fill your kids’ activity with their friends. Then, board games could be the best option for having a great time. There are some games that become the best of the best that should include on your buying list. Check this out for details!

Jenga is definitely an all-ages game. This game makes every participant pull one by one the tiles in the Jenga tower. All they need to keep in mind is to keep the tower steady while they pull each tile. The upper part should be the forbidden tiles every player cannot take.

Uno card belongs to a board game you can intend for the kids. Basically, it’s all about comparing the number with the same color. However, there are some rules that every player should obey. Blokus is a board game that makes each player form building such as Tetris.

Dominos can be beneficial for kids to learn about patterns. Besides, it can boost kids’ math skills by counting the domino eyes. Tsuro is one of the path board games that uses luck and strategy to play. This kinda fun game to play among kids.

Other games you can try for all ages are Labyrinth, Otro, Yahtzee, Exploding Kittens, Dutch Blitz, Tenzi, Skippity, and many more.

Instead of choosing technology games to play, board games support togetherness. It creates a memory that computer games cannot have. Choose the ones that you think can have fun with it!

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