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Updated on Jan 14, 2022
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Family Group Sheet
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What is the use of family tree sheets?

When it comes to the family structure, it must consist of information about parents and children in a family. To represent the family structure, people commonly use the family tree. Let’s get to the details!

A family tree will consist of a chart that represents each member of the family in tree-structured. It is called a tree because the chart also has the branches such as the tree. It is also commonly mentioned as genealogy.

It does not just show up nowadays but also has passed history. In previous centuries, some honorable people have lineage which supposed to document. This part is where it will play its role.

By using these structured sheets or history, people will be easier to identify the structure of their family. If you want to start making your tree, you can find the best chart style to apply. It commonly starts with a person or a couple and then breakdown into the below structure.

You can hang it on the wall to get the family lines easily and to introduce your little family to its ancestors too. Make one and you only have to show it up in your lineage later!

What is the best way to arrange a family tree chart?

If you want to have a clear lineage history of your family, you might want to come up with making a family tree chart. Some ways are required to do in order to make this chart. Let’s jump to the details!

It can be described as a graphic and chart that shows the lineage of a family in structure. Before jumping to arrange one, you better know the benefits and the reason to build it. This chart will be able to use as a tool for tracing the health concern of the family along with the genetics. It also makes you own the sense of being linked to your heritage. It is such a good tool to learn about your family history too.

You can choose whether it needs to be complex or simple instead. The simple ones can be started from the grandparents until the lower lineage in the present. The chart commonly starts with the upper lineage you want to state and has descending branches.

However, before you start to create one, better to do some preps to nail everything. Gather all the information to attach to your tree template. It can be the birthdate, death, married, etc. If you want to attach the picture, make sure you gather all the family members' pictures first before making it.

Jump to design the family tree chart. Include the family tree along with the information you already gather such as the picture, name, birth date, and more. Make sure you also know well about the structure of your family.

Overall, you need to do some research for precise information and members. This can be a well-organized archive. Do all of the preps and nailed your family tree chart!   

Blank Family Group Sheets
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Printable Family Tree Template
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Blank Family Tree Chart Template
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Printable Blank Family Tree Charts
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Printable Family Tree Chart Template
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How do you explain family trees to children?

As a family member, it’s such a must thing for your kids to know the family structure. To explain them in a fun and clear way, using a family tree is the right move. Go beyond with making it a craft activity together. Let’s get to the details!

Gather the materials such as the tree template, colored paper, blank label, pen, glue, scissor, family pictures, and Styrofoam. In this project, Styrofoam will be the background. Make sure you choose a template that already has several branches to define your family tree.

The family pictures need to be in cutouts too, so each member's picture will easily stick to the template. Print the tree template and let the kids make its cutout.

Instruct the kids to list and write each family member's name on the label. Continue with letting them stick the picture and the name label based on the upper lineage until the bottom ones. After the family tree is done, explain to them the role and the name of each family member.

That’s how you can make a craft of a family tree. It is such a fun way to explain the family and help to remember each member to your kids. Apply this step and let your kids acknowledge the family structure.  

What activities I can include in a family worksheet?

Making the students familiar with the family-linked vocabulary can be done in many ways. A worksheet is an appropriate tool you can choose for it. If you seek ideas for family worksheet activities, just go straight on to get inspired!

Apply the activities which make the kids more familiar with family vocabulary. You can go with the tracing worksheet first to remind them about it. The matching worksheet will be fun too. This activity makes the kids have to link the picture and the right vocabulary about the family.

Scramble words can be great for this one. Attach the family member's picture, and make the kids answer based on the scramble words clues along with its picture. The coloring activity will be fun too. Provide a blank family picture and make the kids color it.

Those are the activities you can put on the family worksheet. Choose the one you think suits your students and let them engage with it!

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