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Feb 19, 2021
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Printable Bridge Score Card
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What is the difference between Chicago Bridge and Rubber Bridge?

Chicago, or also named Four-deal Bridge or Short Bridge, refers to a game that involves a deck of cards. Chicago is classified included in the various forms of the rubber bridge. The Four-deal bridge allows us to play and score one or more sets. Like the name, this game allows us to have four total deals. One of many noticeable things that makes Chicago different from Rubber Bridge is the rubber in Chicago has infinite length. We can download Chicago Bridge score sheets template to start understanding the rules of this game. This game is considered to be easier than the other variations of the game versions.

How do you score Chicago Bridge?

In a modern Chicago game, the result of every deal is written on the board of score. It is similar to the board that is used in Rubber Bridge. However, the board for writing the Chicago deal has an additional area. Usually, on the top of the board, it comes in a form of X. The function of the additional area is to point to a particular player that deals each hand. The scoring is given by the following:
1.    Contract points
Like the Rubber Bridge and Duplicate Bridge, the contract points are won for every trick up to and it also consists of the level of the contract that are recorded below the line.
2.    Overtricks
Each trick gets the points. They are taken over the contracted number. Those are also recorded above the line.
3.    Level bonus for game and slams
Slam or grand slam bid and made whenever a deal results in a game contract. Level bonus points have the same points or values, like in the Rubber Bridge or Duplicate Bridge. They are documented above the line too.
4.    Part-score accumulation and level bonus
A part-score or simply called scores are the combination of a part-score that is made in the occuring deal. The deal is to finish a game. Usually, it is completed when the contract points reach 100 or more. The level bonus is accomplished by the vulnerability that is possible to complete the deal. A part-score on the final deal that does not end the game will receive 100 points for a level bonus. On the first three deals, the part-scores are not calculated toward any level bonus.
5.    Doubled and redoubled
The term called doubled and redoubled can contract bids and get the "insult" bonuses as many as 50 and 100 values. It is also above the line, just like the rubber bridge.
6.    Undertricks
It is a punishment or simply penalty points for a lost contract that is written above the line. Honor points are also documented above the line, like the rubber bridge.

Printable Bridge Score Sheets
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Printable Bridge Score Sheets Template
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Chicago Bridge Score Sheet Printable
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How do you play Chicago Bridge?

1.    If a deal is passed out, the same player will deal again. The passed-out deal can't be considered as one of the four deals.
2.    The duration is typically more consistent or stable. Commonly, it takes as long as twenty minutes. It happens because in the Rubber Bridge, part-score and defeated contracts also the three-game rubbers can be prolonged to the uncertain time.
3.    Chicago can invite as many as four to seven players. The partnership rotation can use various methods after every set of four deals.
4.    Vulnerability is considered before every deal. For the first deal, the dealer's side is the one who is only vulnerable. We can find the vulnerable on both sides in the fourth deal.

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