Printable Doo Rag Sewing Pattern

Jul 04, 2013
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Doo Rag Sewing Pattern
Doo Rag Sewing Patterndownloadvia

Where did the name Doo Rag come from?

Doo rag is often identified as a fashion statement for black people. But actually, Doo Rag comes from commercial hair products, especially for dreads. Because in that era those who had dreads were usually black people, a stereotype emerged that doo-rag was a black people's fashion statement. Doo Rag had a glory era as popular among young people in the 1990s-2000s. Despite being in that era, Doo Rag still exists in its way across various generations.

Why are Durags banned in schools?

Seeing the success of Doo Rag becoming a trend, children who idolize Doo-Rag products will usually use it everywhere, including schools. Of course, this is prohibited at school. Because it does not match the standard of dress that is comfortable for learning in class. In addition to the stereotype of black people fashion, Doo Rag is prohibited from being used by children, especially in schools because it symbolizes the gangster group. Because in that era, gangsters often used Doo Rag. It is a pity that there is a real shift in the meaning and function of Doo Rag products. If you want to try to experience society in the era of Doo Rag products, you can try using Doo Rag and see how your surroundings respond to that thing.

How do I make doo-rag by myself?

To be able to have Doo Rag, there are now many easy ways. You can shop at a clothing store that sells Doo Rag (but it is quite difficult to find it because it is in a different era), or you can make your own Doo Rag. To make it, you need a pattern. Doo Rag sewing pattern as part of the way to make it. After that, cut the existing sewing pattern and sew it so that it can be used on your head. Very easy right? You don't even need a lot of money to make it.

Do Rag Sewing Patterns Printable
Do Rag Sewing Patterns Printabledownloadvia
Doo Rag Sewing Pattern
Doo Rag Sewing Patterndownloadvia
Printable Doo Rag Sewing Pattern
Printable Doo Rag Sewing Patterndownloadvia
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Printable Doo Rag Sewing Pattern
Printable Doo Rag Sewing Patterndownloadvia
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What is the popular doo rag pattern?

Because it had succeeded as a popular object, Doo rag also had the pattern most often targeted by young people. Usually, they will look for a red Doo Rag with a red and white pattern. But even though the pattern is the most famous, there are plenty of doo-rag patterns that you can sew to enhance your appearance. If as a fashion statement, for a tip, you can adjust the doo rag sewing pattern that best suits your personality.

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