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Updated on Apr 04, 2022
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How to create a homemade tulip Easter basket?

Would you like to create a flower-themed Easter basket? If so, try making this Easter basket out of tulips instead.

The supplies you will require for your craft are listed below.

  • floral styrofoam that has been cut to fulfill the basket,
  • zip quick glue,
  • a few scotch tape, and
  • a set of wire cutters 


  1. Fold up your flower components down along the aggregate score, forming a valley in the center of each flower petal.

  2. The left and right petals are created by joining two of the sections together using glue.

  3. You can then proceed to add the wire after adding the third petal.

  4. Trimmed a wire to a length of 16 inches, and then divide it into two. The basket contained styrofoam and required a 2-inch space to get to the top because the flowers were only 2 inches tall. They can start standing up with the addition of four inches.

  5. The group of tulip petals can be turned over and secured to the wire with tape. Compared to glue, this seems to stick better.

  6. Each tulip will have 5 petals altogether once you add the final 2 petals. You can now begin wrapping the wire.

  7. Use washi tape that was printed with a leaf-like pattern. Wrap the entire stem until it reaches the ground.

  8. Using some moist glue, add each leaf one by one once, tucking the following leaf inside the previous one.

  9. Last but not least, to conceal where the leaves grow from the stem, put some washi tape over the base of the leaves.


Ta-da! This DIY tulip craft surely will bring enjoyment to your Easter celebration together with your friends and family.

How to make a tulip egg for Easter?

This project is perfect if you're seeking for something quick and simple to create with your children in honor of Mother's Day. Furthermore, it reuses the plastic eggs that you will undoubtedly dispose away before Easter the next year.

Items that will be required are:

  • Big Easter eggs made of plastic (only long halves are necessary.)
  • Green straws, which you can either find in your garbage or recycling bin and clean, or buy it.
  • Construction paper or foam paper
  • Glue
  • Hot glue, if you're in a rush


Steps to make a tulip-shaped egg:

  1. Attach the straws to the eggs' underside using glue. You need to wait a few seconds after applying hot glue before sticking the straw on because it can burn a little.

  2. Your "leaves" should be constructed of foam paper or construction paper, with the "stems" trimmed to varying lengths. In the same way as before, if you're using hot glue, you need to wait a few seconds before placing the straws on the leaves.

  3. Your tulip garden should be displayed however and wherever you like. For instance, a lovely garden may be created using an old bottle drier. Grass dryers are another option; Boon makes these, and you can buy them almost everywhere that sells baby supplies.

  4. Other suggestions include placing the flowers in a container like a vase, putting them in a pot with sand or decorative stones, or just bundling them with bows and a letter. Additionally, this would be a wonderful method for welcoming a new baby or celebrating Easter or Spring.

  5. If you plan to place something inside the tulips, such as sweets, jewels, etc., thicken the stems by tacking bigger, stronger straws to the eggs before adding smaller straws. Surely, this creative craft will not go to be wasted. By following the suggestions above, you don't have to worry about your tulips collapsing.

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What do tulips represent at Easter?

Due to their "egg"-shaped flowers, tulips are frequently linked to Easter. As some of the earliest flowers to bloom from their winter slumber, spring flowers like tulips have the symbolism of being reborn.

They also stand for faith, love, and forgiveness. Due to their vibrant colors and resemblance to an egg, many people even mistake them for Easter eggs.

What other items besides sweets may people put in their Easter baskets?

Depending on the receiver of the Easter basket, people can choose other items for sweets in their basket. The most important thing is to make it enjoyable, whether the receiver is a little kid, a picky teenager, or even an adult.

When you just consider what the receiver of the gift enjoys, even the cheapest products can have a huge influence. It doesn't need to be fancy, expensive, and burdening the giver.

Therefore, the following items below are some family-friendly suggestions that you can choose for gifts in your Easter basket:

  • colored pencils
  • a few games
  • gaming devices
  • plush animals
  • dolls
  • books
  • puzzle game
  • LEGO
  • bag pins
  • attire
  • scrunchies
  • bandanas
  • fake jewels, accessories
  • handicraft materials, and many more

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