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Jan 01, 2015
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Reading Sight Words Printable Books
Reading Sight Words Printable Booksdownload

How can I teach my children to learn the alphabet?

Here are some fun ways to learn the alphabet with kids
1.    Sings a song.
2.    Songs help them to recognize names of alphabets in a fun way. In addition, the melody and creative lyrics can make the mnemonic activities become easier. It’s because they associate certain melodies to some letters. The lyrics are also written as a device to help them remember the lesson or we can call it a donkey bridge.
3.    Reads books.
4.    It doesn’t have to be the same book we read. We can encourage them to engage with A to Z books to introduce the visual form of the alphabet. Try to pick the frequent letters, such as A, E, or R in the beginning. Repeat it for several times so that they can remember them.
5.    Uses sandpaper letters.
6.    When we teach kids about letters, we frequently involve two aspects, i.e. visual and auditory aspects. However, when we use sandpaper letters, they are required to touch the texture of the sandpaper. They can learn steps on how to write certain letters using the tactile aspect too.
7.    Alphabet puzzle.
8.    Puzzle is associated with connecting and attaching separated parts. When using an alphabet puzzle, they need to understand more about the shape of the alphabet. So, they can attach the letter on the suitable space. This lesson also makes them get closer to the alphabet more than reading books. It’s because they play with the real objects that have alphabet shapes.

How old should a child be to learn the alphabet?

We can find the patterns of learning the alphabet based on the typical process of kids. By the age of 2, they try to understand some frequent letters or singing ABC songs loundly. By the age of 3, they can associate the letters with the pronunciation. The phonetic reading method helps them to learn more about this specific lessons. When they're 4 years old, they already recognize a whole alphabet and name it one by one in the correct order. Thus, the usual age to learn the alphabet is from 3-4 years old.

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What age should a child read fluently?

Kids commonly start to read simple words, including the meaning and the context of the words when they are five years old or when they are in a kindergarten phase. When they are 6 to 7 years old, they are commonly able to read frequent stories that are usually told by their teacher before. They can also correct themselves when they are making mistakes while reading. In this phase, they read the text aloud, just like the kindergarten phase. Typically, in this 1st graders age, they can identify their own names and sight words while the 2nd graders are able to read aloud a simple text book.

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