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Updated on May 29, 2023
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Funeral Program Template Memorial Service
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What is Funeral Photography?

Have you ever heard of funeral photography? This is a photo used to capture the moments of the funeral procession. You can use the services of a photographer or vendor. By taking a photo shoot at a funeral, you will have the last memories with your loved ones.

However, funeral photography should not be done carelessly. There are ethics that must be obeyed to respect the family. Because the family is grieving, the photography process must be done in a way that will not offend the family. Therefore, when photographing any moments at the funeral, the photographer must ask permission first.

In addition, the photographer must also know which moments must be photographed and which ones do not need to be photographed. An example is the sadness of family members. If you really want to take this moment, ask the family first.

How to Choose the Best Funeral Photos?

The funeral ceremony is your last moment with loved ones who have died. Therefore, this moment should be captured as best as possible by taking lots of photos at the funeral procession. Funeral photos can also be a great way to pay respects to your loved ones. If you want to capture all the funeral moments, know how about finding the perfect photos for a meaningful funeral tribute below.

  1. Choose the Best Character

    The first thing you have to do is choose a photo that matches the character of the person who has died. Look for one of the photos that shows who the person really is. It would be a way to honor that person's memory.

    An example is a photo when the person is on vacation. Another photo that can be used is the person's wedding photo. You can also choose a photo of the person wearing an office uniform.

  2. The Photo Quality

    To make the photo really good, make sure that the resolution is high. So, if you choose an enlarged photo, make sure that all parts of the photo are good.

  3. Don't Choose Photos with Bad Memories

    Don’t choose photos that have bad memories for the person who has died. So, the photo chosen for the funeral is a photo that has a lot of positive memories for the person who died.

  4. Avoid Selecting Photos in Groups

    If you choose a photo of the person with a group, don't choose a photo of the group. This is because your loved one is the main focal point.

  5. Discuss with All Family Members

    To make it easier to determine a good funeral photo, discuss it with all family members. This is useful for avoiding conflicts that will occur due to the selection of photos.

  6. Use Good Frames

    A good photo will be more perfect if it is placed in a beautiful frame. Therefore, you also need to choose a good frame. Do not use frames that have many decorations. Just use a simple frame with color elements that match the photo.

  7. Display Photos in a Unique Way

    Not only printed, you can also display photos of your loved ones in the form of a slideshow. Show a slideshow at funerals and it will show happy moments of your loved ones when they were alive.

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Funeral Memorial Service Program Template
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Funeral Program Template Memorial Service
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What are the Ethics of Taking a Photograph while Attending a Funeral?

If you are attending a funeral and want to take some photos, don't do it carelessly. You must know some of the ethics of taking photos at a funeral.

  1. Ask Permission First

    The first thing you should do is ask permission from the person or family at the funeral for every moment at the funeral such as the situation at home, family conditions, and the people who were present at the funeral. If it's not allowed, you should respect it and don't take photos.

  2. Look for the Right Position

    If you are allowed to take photos, find the right position and not be seen by too many people. Avoid standing over the person who died because it will offend the family.

  3. Don't Use Flash

    When photographing funerals, you shouldn't use flash. The reason is, flash will disturb other people who are there.

  4. Don't Take Selfies

    Funerals are different from weddings which are full of happy vibes. At the funeral, everyone is grieving the loss of someone close to them. Therefore, do not take selfies at funerals. If you do, it will actually make the family uncomfortable with your attitude.

  5. Don't Upload Dead Body Photos to Social Media

    Have you ever seen someone posting a photo of a dead body on social media? Actually, it is an act of impoliteness. It also shows that you have no empathy for the family.

    Everyone also wants to look good in public. Photos of people when they die don't show a good thing to the public. Therefore, avoid uploading photos of the person who died to social media.

  6. Don’t Be Noisy

    Another thing to do when you want to take photos at a funeral is not to make a noise. Do not interfere with the funeral procession. So, you should take photos before or after the funeral.

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