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Nov 07, 2010
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Christmas Holiday Stationery
Christmas Holiday Stationerydownload

What can I do instead of Christmas cards?

Well, there are actually so many things you can do to celebrate Christmas. Of course, special cards are exceptional. It is old-fashioned but somehow now it becomes chicer and chicer. The vintage look is what many people seek these days. But, other than sending the Christmas stationery papers, you can actually send something else. You can start by creating something digital, like an e-card, a newsletter, or maybe a holiday slideshow. There are many online platforms that you can use. If you want more, you can just pick up your phone or maybe you can make a voice greeting or some kind of recap video about some particular things like memories or achievements.

How many Christmas cards does the average person send out?

Actually, there are many studies related to this number. But, one that can catch people’s attention is the study carried out by Robin Hill and Robin Dunbar. The study is about how many friends a person can maintain. The measure is done by calculating the Christmas cards they received. The study shows that a person can send out between 11 to 149 cards but the media shows 68 Christmas cards. Meanwhile, a person can receive 150 Christmas card Topps. From the numbers, 21 percent among those are sent out to family members. That study also concludes that the maximum number of friends that a person can maintain is at 150 friends.

Printable Lined Writing Paper Stationery
Printable Lined Writing Paper Stationerydownload
Christmas Stationery Border
Christmas Stationery Borderdownload
Christmas Angel Printable Stationery
Christmas Angel Printable Stationerydownload
Printable Lined Writing Paper with Border
Printable Lined Writing Paper with Borderdownload

Why do people send Christmas cards?

Actually, the very first-time people sent Christmas stationery papers out was in England in 1843. At that time, the form was still simple. There was only a private note with the words of Merry Christmas. This particular activity was also done at New Year and when someone’s having a birth. But, at that time, Sir Henry Cole, the inventor of the greetings card, asked an artist to design a card about Christmas that could be sent away immediately and with the same design.

The very first design of the card was very controversial. It showed an image of adults and children sitting together while raising the wine glasses. But, what makes it more infuriating was that there were some religious symbols. That story has become more and more popular among people until now. So, when people are asked why they send Christmas cards away because it is much better rather than writing personal notes. People like to have stuff that looks attractive. Besides, it can be done in an instant and immediate way.

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