Printable Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Mar 07, 2012
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Printable Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Printable Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Chalkboard Christmas Tree
Chalkboard Christmas Treedownload

What Do You Need to Make Chalkboard Christmas Tree?

The first thing you need to make a chalkboard Christmas tree is the base. You can either use black paper, on a painted wall, or chalkboard. The second one is you will need to find the inspiration for the Christmas tree that you are going to draw. You can draw like the ones you see at the mall -that tall one or the small one in your grandparents' house. In order to draw the outline of the Christmas tree, therefore, you need chalk, preferably the non-toxic one so your children can help you.

How to Display Chalkboard Christmas Tree?

There are 2 possibilities on how to display the Chalkboard Christmas tree; one is as Christmas tree decorations and two is to substitute the traditional Christmas tree. For the first option, you can hang the small chalkboard tree or make some Christmas bauble-like ornaments with Bible verses or Christmas carols that you wrote with chalk on the tree. As for the second option, you can draw a 1-meter to 3-meter of a Christmas tree on a blackboard, and later, you add the lights, stick a star topper, and draw more Christmas baubles with colored chalks.

Can I Give Chalkboard Christmas Tree as a Gift?

Of course, you can give a chalkboard Christmas tree as a gift. There are a lot of Christmas tree ornaments drawn with chalk on a chalkboard. It'll give the most simple decoration for your friend's house and add some rustic vibes to it. If you are an artist or someone who has an artistic trait, you can draw a medium Christmas tree on a blackboard your friend has and draw the tree. And then, as a bonus, give them the lights and other ornaments on the chalkboard tree. Isn't it a money saver too?

Printable Chalkboard Christmas Tree
Printable Chalkboard Christmas Treedownload
Printable Chalkboard Christmas Tree
Printable Chalkboard Christmas Treedownload
For Unto USA Child Is Born Christmas Tree
For Unto USA Child Is Born Christmas Treedownload
Merry Christmas Chalk Printables
Merry Christmas Chalk Printablesdownload

Can We Transform a Chalkboard Classroom?

If you have an old chalkboard in the storeroom, you can always transform it into the most colorful side in the room. First, you can transform into a board where you can hang your arts. Cover it with brighter paper or paint, and then stick the drawings as a decoration. You can also hang the drawings and pictures with clothespins. Pick up any colorful fabric you have left, and stick it with adhesive tape or spray. Another idea, you can turn a chalkboard classroom into a wall for playing Christmas games. For instance, for a game where you have to pin a reindeer's red nose into the right point.

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