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Jan 23, 2015
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Large Size Alphabet Letter Printable Stencil
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What is a Block Letter?

When referring to typing or writing, block letters refer to writing or typing in block style and not written in cursive or with any joined letters. Some text is written or typed in block letters to make it easier to read. Block letters are usually used in titles and not body text.

What is Block Type Font?

Block Font is a font style mostly designed in capital letters with thick curves and lines. They are not usually used for the body of texts, and they are best for large types of needs such as announcements, advertisements, pamphlets, billboards, newspaper headlines, etc. Block fonts are clear and readable make it perfect for titles and headlines that need a lot of attention.

What Font is best for Block Letters?

There are a lot of font letters nowadays. Whether they are free to use, or you have to pay for some. So far, Sans Serif has become the most widely used font for display and block lettering. There are many types and variations of Sans Serif font. They are Grotesque that came from the earliest Sans Serif design that showcases a solid, bold design perfect for headlines and advertisements. Including in this type are Franklin Gothic, News Gothic, and Akzidenz-Grotesk.

Neo-grotesque is developed from the grotesque Sans Serif. Neo-grotesque appears more moderns and straightforward. Including in this type are Arial, Geneva, and Impact.
Geometric fonts are based on geometric symmetry. Including in this type are Futura and Eurostile fonts.
Humanist types are inspired by traditional calligraphy. They involve stroke modulation alternate thick and thin strokes makes it different from other Sans Serif fonts.

The informal type is a diverse type of Sans Serif. Including in this type are Italo, Barrio, and Bahiana.

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What is the Difference Between Capital Letters and Block Letters?

Capital letters refer to uppercase letters as the opposite of lowercase letters. Capital letters are also called big letters to make it easier for children to learn, while lowercase letters are called small letters. Block letters refer to a style of writing. It is written disconnected as the opposite of cursive letters. Block letters usually (but not always) written or typed in uppercase to make it stand out and easier to read. Capital letters don't have to be bold, while block letters are usually bold to grab attention. Block letters are usually used for tittles, while we can find capital letters everywhere on the body text.  

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