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Jul 10, 2012
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Printable Bible Reading Charts
Printable Bible Reading Chartsdownload

What Should I Include in Bible Charts?

First, it is the table. The table should consist of the name of the prophets or the order from Genesis. Give some space for each box, so that later you can give a mark. Then, you should write the interesting teaching. You can include clip art or a sticker for the reading. For example, you separate the readings based on the birth of the important people. The task should motivate the reader to seek wisdom and facts. You can mark the clues with colors and the age of death.

Can We Design Our Own Bible Charts?

Absolutely! You can customize your own bible charts. You can put the prompts based on historical facts or a specific event that has meaning to humanity. You are free to add pictures and colors for the bible charts, so you will always be energized to read the bible. Also, the charts can be from the age of some historical figures in the bible. By doing so, you will learn what they were doing and match the issues with today's world. You can also design the charts with stickers, markers, or any pictures so that you understand the family tree or such. 

Printable Bible Reading Chart
Printable Bible Reading Chartdownload
Printable Bible Reading Charts
Printable Bible Reading Chartsdownload
Revelation Bible Timeline Charts
Revelation Bible Timeline Chartsdownload
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Printable Books of the Bible Study Worksheetsdownload
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Printable Bible Reading Checklistdownload
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Bible Book List Chartdownload

How To Remind Ourselves to Check the Bible Charts?

Nowadays, you can get paperless bible charts. The charts are moved to your mobile phone by downloading the application. You are required to put in a notification as to the reminder. If you still like the traditional way, you can put the bible charts on your desk and slip them in the bible. Place some stickers or any kind of marker that makes it more interesting. You can also write down the names of the historical figure by hand, and make sort of a game.

Where Can We Get Bible Charts?

As you can have an instant reminder for your bible charts from a phone application, you can get the charts online too. You can download the charts for free from a blog about Christianity and a family forum. The contributors also share the whatnots and references that can enlighten the journey of reading the bible. After you download the charts, you can also print them right away. If you like colorful charts, you can find them on a free charts stock website. They offer you stickers and a bible bookmark too or a journal for writing the biblical values that you can keep.

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