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Updated on Jul 24, 2023
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Printable Farm Word Wall
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How Word Walls Help Preschoolers Learn and Explore Words?

Word walls are a common feature in preschool classrooms and serve as a visual help for many early reading tasks.  I've had one in every preschool and kindergarten classroom I've taught in.  

They are employed differently depending on the age of the children, but they are still significant. Word walls are also an excellent way for pupils to learn about letters and words throughout the school year.

Why are Word Walls Important?

Word Walls complement a print-rich school environment and aid in word learning. Students gain independence and problem-solving abilities by being able to refer to the words when writing. 

The words are also useful as a reference when reading, helping youngsters to draw connections across novels. Word Walls also aid in the teaching of the alphabetic principle.

All of this culminates in kids learning to read words, write words, and understand how words function.

How to Make a Word Wall?

A word wall's main components include letters of the alphabet, image cues for each letter, and age-appropriate phrases. Word walls may not always feature the alphabet, but rather a selection of words that youngsters can refer to as required.

The location of word barriers might vary greatly.  Some are displayed on bulletin boards, pocket charts, or a piece of paper attached to the wall.  I've found them in file folders, little notebooks, and on the backs of classroom chairs.  Word walls may be built in both tiny and huge places.  A word wall may be made in any classroom with a little imagination.

How to Use the Word Walls?

Use only terms that have been taught and utilized.  For example, at the start of the year, fill in your students names (together with the instructors' names) on the word wall.  

As the year develops, add sight words that the kids seem to be asking about. Also, include terms from our book-making activities. The youngsters understand every word on the word wall. They weren't slapped on without first being presented to the children.

Here are some ideas for how to use a word wall in the classroom.  This is by no means a complete list!

  • As a class or in small groups, read the room.  Using a fun pointer, assist the children with saying the letters of the alphabet and reading the words beneath the letters.
  • Demonstrate to the youngsters how to locate, remove, and reattach the words.
  • Encourage them to utilize it while creating images for pals, writing in journals, and so on.  Of course, assistance will be provided as needed!
  • Make up crazy games with the word wall.  "I'm thinking of a word that starts with't'...", "Who can find the word under D d dog?" and so on.

Preschool Farm Word Wall
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Preschool Word Wall Ideas
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Literacy Activities for Preschoolers

1. Kick the letter cup around.

Kick the letter cup is a fun technique to teach letter recognition while also getting some exercise. A stack of plastic cups, a marker, and a soccer ball are required.

Write individual letters on cups and then arrange them in a row. Provide the youngster with a soccer ball and instruct them to kick it toward the cups. Instruct the youngster to identify the letter that the ball touches on the cup.

2. I spy

The popular "I Spy" game is suitable for children of all ages. Look around the classroom and tell the youngsters what sound or letter it begins with. Children must glance around the room to determine what they "spied on."

3. Scavenger hunt for letters

Ask youngsters to look for things that begin with a certain letter, such as a crayon for the letter "c."

4. Songs using the letters of the alphabet

Alphabet songs and rhyming songs for preschoolers are a simple and participatory approach to learning letter sounds, alphabetical order, and letter names.

5. Letter color sorting

For this reading project, you'll need a marker, a downloadable rainbow worksheet, and colorful dot stickers. Using a marker, direct the children to match each dot sticker with letters written on it in the rainbow color arrangement.

6. Jumping Alphabet Pillow

A stack of paper plates, packing tape, a Sharpie, and several pillows are required. On each paper plate, write a single letter. Then, using the packaging tape, adhere each dish to a cushion, and scatter the pillows on the floor.

Instruct the youngsters to leap from one area of the room to the other while calling out the letter or sound on the paper plate.

7. Alphabet sphere

You'll need an inflatable beach ball and a marker for this early literacy letter recognition game. Using the marker, equally, write the letters of the alphabet on the ball.

Instruct the youngster or children to throw the ball into the air and then yell the letter facing them when it is caught.

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