Printable Thanksgiving Word Wall

Sep 28, 2010
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Printable Thanksgiving Word Wall

Printable Thanksgiving Word Wall

Thanksgiving Word Wall Cards
Thanksgiving Word Wall Cardsdownload

What do you include on the Thanksgiving word wall?

Word wall is used for kids as a tool to help them absorb new words and information to enrich their vocabulary. Like many other kinds of word walls, Thanksgiving word walls also appear during this time. The items included on the Thanksgiving word wall are things we commonly see and children are also able to recognize. The items on Thanksgiving you can place on the word wall mentioned as a hat, turkeys, pilgrim, pumpkin, corn, potato, apple pie, family, friends, grandparents, and many other more essential to celebrate on. These words are common and closely related to Thanksgiving itself. Since it takes the warmth of the food and the family over dinner time on Thanksgiving day.

How do you arrange the Thanksgiving word wall?

If you want to arrange your own Thanksgiving word wall, you need to make sure the age groups you are going to give the word wall learning. The word wall learning itself is believed suitable for children from  age 3 years old to 6 years old.  However, it is also suitable for those as beginner learners especially for language learners to enrich their vocabulary with this method. As you would like to apply the Thanksgiving word wall to the Christmas word wall, you need to arrange the word wall based on the common things you might find within the theme. The thanksgiving word wall of course should be arranged by starting with turkeys as the symbol and also corn or pumpkin to represent that Thanksgiving day are meant to be present as a gratitude of the harvest. 

Printable Thanksgiving Word List
Printable Thanksgiving Word Listdownload
Printable File Folder Word Walls
Printable File Folder Word Wallsdownload
Thanksgiving Word Wall
Thanksgiving Word Walldownload

Why do kids need the Thanksgiving word wall?

There are many kinds of learning media available for kids to follow such as word wall. The word wall method has been known to exist and help children, especially in their young age. This is because word walls are attached as flexible to be used as a poster or even cut into cards. Word walls also have many themes according to season. Then it is good to give to children. As for their need to learn using the Thanksgiving word wall, it will help them to notice the changing holiday occasion and each of it has different symbols to recognize. It is way broader than teaching new words but also to gives them an introduction about cultural differences as well. It is why having a Thanksgiving word wall for learning is counted as necessary.

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