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Jul 18, 2014
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Printable Portable Word Wall
Printable Portable Word Walldownload

What can you do with a portable word wall?

Teaching the alphabet and words are the fundamental part of beginning literacy skills. A portable word wall is a hanging letter that is supposed to help children arrange words. As mentioned before, this portable world can be a children learning media as they start to mumble words or start to arrange sentences. It available in forms according to the children's needs. Parents or children can provide this interactive media by themselves too. Younger children will be given word walls with alphabets meanwhile the older children such as preschool or kindergarten students will be able to use them for naming objects and other literacy basic skills.

How to teach with a portable word wall?

Teaching with portable word wall can be the most fun and efficient as much as you have expected. It has been said that using it for the classroom were quite popular because of its simple preparation. To teach with portable word walls can be done according to the material or subjects you are giving. As an example, you can make a weekly theme word wall to learn particular themes such as sports, animals and so on. For other moments, the portable word wall can be shuffled to get children more active in reading books in the classroom such as for days or weekly they need to finish one book from each category from the hanging it in the classroom. Those kind activities will engage students or children in finishing their tasks or getting their interest.

Printable Portable Word Wall
Printable Portable Word Walldownload
Printable Portable Word Wall
Printable Portable Word Walldownload
Personal Word Wall Template
Personal Word Wall Templatedownload

Why do you need a portable word wall?

It is no doubt that teachers and parents need to fix their eye gaze to portable word walls too. This learning media doesn’t need that much space. You can also bring this along to the park or whenever you are waiting for your meals get ready at the restaurant with your children. Another advantage of using this portable word wall is because it is way more interactive than other media. As for teaching literacy skill, this can be a changer since you are able to play words and sentences from choosing each topic or letters from it. You can also learn on the go with your children like when you see some words or sentences in the billboard by the street, give them questions about it and let them search the words or letters from it. Learning doesn’t always have to be done behind their desk!

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