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Apr 02, 2010
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Personal Word Wall Template
Personal Word Wall Templatedownload

What words should be on a word wall?

The moment of childrens' first word can be so memorable for the parents. This is a sign that the language skills of kids are improving day by day. To record the progress of vocabularies of kids, we can download personal word wall printable. Word wall itself is a compilation of words or vocabularies which are portrayed on the wall or vertical flat surfaces, like whiteboards. The collection of words in the word walls can be used for them in daily life or tracking the progress of the number of vocabulary mastered. The words on the wall can be a good exercise for them to learn new terms. Words are supposed to be added gradually. Generally, the guideline of the word addition is five words every week. Pick the frequent words, such as look, good, mom, here, book, and many more.

Are word walls effective?

Yes, they are. It is a recommended and effective teaching method to develop literacy skills. Involving word walls in the lesson motivate the kids to participate and engage with the lessons. We can also include the certain gestures, like pointing the particular words. This will improve visual reinforcement that is helpful for students when learning. One of skills that can be trained with word walls are spelling. Not only naming the words they understand, they will know what letters that make a certain word. It happens because when they are learning with word wall, they are actually exposed with the correct spellings of the words visually. This can goes into their memory. To get this benefit, the lesson should be guided with clear instructions on how to use words in word walls.

What is the purpose of a word wall?

Here are the purpose to be achieved when it comes to using word walls:
1.    Introducing specific terms.
2.    Encourage kids to be able to read and write by themselves without any help by arranging words by words correctly.
3.    Allows kids to get visual hints and reference for learning language.
4.    explain the relationship between the word concept and the word that will be used.

Printable Personal Word Wall
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The Word Wall First Grade Parade
The Word Wall First Grade Paradedownload
Printable Personal Word Wall
Printable Personal Word Walldownload
Printable Personal Word Wall
Printable Personal Word Walldownload
Second Grade Word Wall List
Second Grade Word Wall Listdownload
Fall Word Wall Printables
Fall Word Wall Printablesdownload

How do you make an interactive wall in Word?

To increase the engagement of the lesson with kids, the wall word should be used interactively. This makes the lessons don't get boring and they can learn better so they can enrich their vocabulary and the concept of each word. To make the word wall interactive, we can do the following:
1.    Divide the vocabularies into fun and unique categories
This method is helpful to understand the attribution and the patterns of words. We can sort words in alphabetical order, by the amount of syllables, or by the parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, and many more).
2.    Let the kids interact to the word wall directly
The more the interaction, the more they will memorize and understand the words. We can allow kids to choose the words on the wall. Let them create a sentence using the chosen words.
3.    Make the words tally
This can be done especially if we have frequent sight words on the wall. At the end of the lesson, check which words that appear the most. We can also make the activities more fun by letting them guess which word is commonly appeared.

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