People Puppet Template

Updated: Feb 06, 2023

Printable People Puppet Template for Various Uses

Find a range of printable people puppet templates online that can be used for various classroom activities like storytelling and role-playing or for fun parent-child craft projects.

These resources can be easily customized and colored to suit any design or theme requirements.

People Puppet Template for Quick Parent-Child Activities

Use printable people puppet templates to create entertaining paper puppets with your children during short breaks or weekends.

This activity allows quality time together and stimulates children's creativity. Simply download and print the template, then let creativity and imagination flow as each puppet is colored and customized.

People Puppet Template

Table of Images 👆

  1. Finger Puppet Template
  2. Pilgrim and Native American Puppets
  3. Paper People Cutouts
  4. Family Finger Puppets
  5. Hand Puppet Template
  6. Boy and Girl Cut Out Template
  7. Hand Puppet Patterns
  8. Groundhog Paper Bag Puppet Template
Finger Puppet Template
Pin It!   Finger Puppet TemplatedownloadDownload PDF
Pilgrim and Native American Puppets
Pin It!   Pilgrim and Native American PuppetsdownloadDownload PDF
Printable Paper People Cutouts
Pin It!   Printable Paper People CutoutsdownloadDownload PDF
Family Finger Puppets Printable
Pin It!   Family Finger Puppets PrintabledownloadDownload PDF
Hand Puppet Template
Pin It!   Hand Puppet TemplatedownloadDownload PDF
Boy and Girl Cut Out Template Printable
Pin It!   Boy and Girl Cut Out Template PrintabledownloadDownload PDF
Printable Hand Puppet Patterns
Pin It!   Printable Hand Puppet PatternsdownloadDownload PDF
Groundhog Paper Bag Puppet Template
Pin It!   Groundhog Paper Bag Puppet TemplatedownloadDownload PDF

Crafting with People Puppet Templates

Explore the world of crafting with people puppet printable templates that are sure to enrich your creative projects. The templates come with easy-to-follow instructions and a variety of designs to ensure a successful crafting experience, be it for school assignments or fun kids' activities.

Creative People Puppet Printable Template for Children

Let your children express their creativity with fun and easy-to-use people puppet printable templates. These resources provide endless entertainment and can be downloaded directly from our website for convenience. Unleash your children's imagination as they color and cut out their unique puppet creations at home.

A printable template for a people puppet is a great resource for anyone looking to engage children in interactive play or storytelling. With this template, you can easily create colorful and personalized puppets by simply printing, cutting out, and assembling them. This activity can be a fun and educational way to foster creativity and imagination in children.


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  1. Rowan

    The people puppet printable template allows for creative play and storytelling as children can cut, color, and assemble their own puppets, fostering imagination and fine motor skills development.

  2. Wyatt

    I admire this People Puppet Printable Template for its simplicity and versatility. It allows me to unleash my creativity and engage my kids in imaginative play. Thank you for providing such a useful resource!

  3. Leonardo

    The people puppet printable template is a convenient tool that allows you to easily create fun and engaging characters for storytelling or educational purposes, making it ideal for children's activities or classroom settings.

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