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Updated on Feb 03, 2023
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What's An Eagle Like?

Eagles are large carnivorous birds that belong to the Accipitridae family. Most of these winged hunter species come from Africa and Eurasia. Other eagles are spread across Central America, North America, South America, and Australia.

The size of this bird of prey is also very large. They can reach a length of 50 cm, even more than that. The eagle itself often hunts vertebrate animals which are its main food.

The aerial hunter is a monogamous animal which means that they only have one partner throughout their life. These predators are also not nomadic animals, so they only occupy the same place of residence each year.

They prefer areas that are not easily accessible to humans and other animals. It is in the nest that the eagles mate and incubate their eggs for six to eight weeks. The eaglets will grow into adults after the third to the fourth year of their birth.

What are The Physical Characteristics of An Eagle Like?

Actually, eagles have the same physical characteristics as other birds. However, the eagle's body is much bigger and looks strong. For this reason, the eagle is depicted as being larger than other birds in general. Here are the main characteristics:

  1. Sharp Eyes

    The eagle's eyes are very sharp. As a predator, eagles have a fairly long range of vision. With that sharp eye, the eagle can see its prey from a long distance. It is estimated, the eagle's visibility is as far as 30 meters.

  2. Different Colors of Feathers and Neck

    Brown and white are the two main colors of the eagle. The body of the eagle is filled with brown. So, if the children color the eagle template, teach them to color the eagle's body feathers with the original color. However, gray can also be used to color the eagle's body because eagles are sometimes found with that color.

    For the neck, the eagle has a white color. This is the hallmark of the eagle. Therefore, children can color the eagle's neck on the template with that color.

  3. Curved Beak and Legs

    The shape of the eagle's beak is quite large and curved. However, the beak is completely devoid of teeth, so the eagle can tear its prey apart with its strong beak.

    Meanwhile, the eagle's claws were also curved and sharp. With that, the eagle can grip its prey firmly. Well, these two physical appearances of the eagle must also be considered when children will color the eagle template to match the natural appearance of the eagle.


How is The Easy Technique in Coloring Eagle Template?

Because the eagle has a single color type, children can easily color that bird on the eagle template. Children only need to prepare yellow, white, and brown or gray colors.

Well, the kids can use the eagle template available here. Then, color the beak and legs first. Give a yellow color to the beak and legs of the eagle.

When finished, continue coloring the neck to the eagle's head. In that section, use white color. After that, start coloring the body to the tail of the eagle in brown or gray. To make the color of the eagle on the eagle template not monotonous, suggest the children use a little white color on the tail.

Eagle Mask Template Coloring Pages
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Here Are 3 Interesting Facts about Eagles

In doing the eagle template coloring activity, children must also get information related to eagles. It will enrich them with new knowledge. So, here are 3 unique facts that parents or teachers can convey to children.

  1. Eagles Can Live Long

    Yes, the eagle has a long age. In the wild, eagles can live for 20 to 30 years. This age is much longer than the age of other birds. In fact, it is known that the age of the oldest eagle in the world can reach 38 years. Despite its long age, the strength and ability of an eagle in the wild will decrease when it reaches the age of 20.

    However, if the eagle is in an animal captive area, its age can be much longer, that is 50-70 years. It’s because the eagles in captivity get better animal care.
  2. Eagles have High Flying Abilities

    Despite being a bird with extraordinary flying abilities, it turns out that eagles use very little energy to do that. Eagles can fly from 10,000 feet to 15,000 feet.

    Eagles can also fly at a speed of 160 km per hour. That's what makes the eagle become the fastest animal on earth. So far, the fastest eagle is the Peregrine Falcon, which can fly at an average speed of 390 km per hour.

  3. The Eagle's Beak is Unique

    Apparently, the eagle's beak is formed from a compound of keratin. Keratin is a fibrous structural protein and is also known as a scleroprotein. With this compound, the eagle's beak can continue to grow. That is what ultimately makes the condition of the eagle's beak able to continue to be prime and optimal throughout its life.

    Not only that, but the eagle also has a beak that will continue to bend as it ages. This can happen because as the eagle ages, the eagle's beak and claws get weaker. Well, this is indicated by the crooked beak of the eagle.

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