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Jan 05, 2023
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Patient Wheelchair Clip Art
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How often a wheelchair should be maintenance?

If one of your people using a wheelchair, it's necessary to keep it in good condition. Well-maintained one will make the user keep comfy in using it. During get the wheelchair, they might give you suggestions about the maintenance. However, let's take the ideal condition.

The wheelchair is good to have fully serviced per annual time. Set the time when you let it maintain. Write down in your annual routine book. Call your provider then book the appointment on the date you set. Discuss whether you have to go to their shop or just waiting the servicer to visit you.

For the exception, if you are using the wheelchair a lot outdoors, you need more effort to maintain it. Snow and rain would easily make the wheelchair get wet and screws it. Make sure you wipe it down after use. Loaded hair and dust can cause trouble too. If both fill up the tires, using the wheelchair can turn into danger. That's why always make sure that this area is clean. Check the air pressure also!

For preventing injuries, you gotta keep your eyes on how it operated. Even if you only suggest servicing it annually, monthly checking is a must. Look at the bolts and make sure all is placed properly. Brakes have the potential to cause injury too. Check it up so it'll be in good condition while the user sits on it. Monthly checking on the cushions is also a must. This will define the comfy for the user.

What are some facts about using a wheelchair?

Instead of guessing after seeing someone with a wheelchair, better to know more about it. Most people would jump to the conclusion rather than acknowledge it first. Some facts below might help you figure out about using a wheelchair.


  1. The user is not simply connected to the wheelchair

It's mean that they have no bounding at all. The wheelchair is only the tool that helps them to move. Don't get too confused if you meet a person that sometimes uses it and other times they not. When you see the reason for people using the wheelchair, you'll understand that someone not only has to stay with it all the time.


  1. It's a personal space

Behave appropriately when you get people with your chair. Don't let your move make them uncomfortable. If you are a stranger, don't you dare to touch or even try to roll it without their consent. Simply help if they asked.


  1. Using a wheelchair doesn't stop the user from driving

Car modification to wheelchair friendly is everywhere now. The technology helps them to use the car by themselves only using a remote control or a key on hand. The back car space will modify in the way for it to get inside. The locks on the chair make it steady while driving. What a modern.


  1. Don't use accessible space unless you needed the most

If you look around the public space, a lot of spots provide an accessible place for those who use a wheelchair such as the toilets and parking spots. Make sure you don't steal it unless you are really urgent to use it.

Person Pushing Wheelchair Clip Art
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How should I act in front of people who use wheelchairs?

It's a power of wheelchair which help people in not really well condition mobile. Even if you feel fascinated about the user, make sure you behave appropriately, especially while in front of them. These wheelchair etiquettes might guide you.

Avoid making any single assumption about people using this thing. You'll never know about the people's reason and condition while using the wheelchair unless you know it by yourself. Asking about it might be offensive too. Just wait for them to open up to you and let them share comfortably.

Try to speak directly with them. Instead of only asking the caregiver, you can give it a shot and talk with them in person. If you just ignore him and choose to talk with other people that stay with them, it might seem intimidating too.

Don't throw words about the wheelchair. No questions and no compliments are should be applied. You are only can know the situation if they are talking to you. However, you also still mind your response and act during this situation.

Don't ever try to land your hands on it. If you have no permission in touching the wheelchair by them, respect their space and give help if they ask for it. This is also a rule to keep your respect for them.

Having long convos without thinking about the wheelchair. Leave this behind and just talk about something fun. Let the conversation just go naturally and have them around like friends with all ears for the stories.

Wheelchairs maintenance

Wheelchairs facts

Interact with people using a wheelchair

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