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Updated on Feb 08, 2023
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Does a cardboard tube work well for crafting horses?

Here, you will have the opportunity to create such a project by following the modified directions from Amanda Formaro that are provided below.

For the horse craft, you'll need: 

  • A toilet paper tube
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Chenille stems
  • A paintbrush
  • Sharpie Marker in black
  • Dark yellow paint


The directions for creating the horse craft:

  1. Leave a tube of toilet paper approximately an inch long. Dark yellow paint should be used to cover the entire remaining line.

  2. Trim the one-inch piece lengthwise in half using the scissors you removed in the previous step. Cut two triangle-shaped ears from one half. The 1/2′′ wide strip and the ears should be painted.

  3. Snip one end of the strip to form a rounded nose after folding and gluing it together. On top, in the space between the two layers, glue the triangle ears.

  4. 5 tan chenille stems should be looped around a paintbrush to remove them. Legs will make up the first four, followed by the neck on the fifth.

  5. Make eight identical pieces out of a single white chenille stem. One of the tan chenille stems that is coiling up can be pulled to slightly extend it. Each piece of the white stem should be looped around a coil of the tan stem to form the mane. To the bottom of the tan stem, move downward.

  6. The cardboard tube should be filled with the four coils of tan stems. Insert the neck piece, toward which you inserted the white pieces, into the tube's top section. For the forelock, glue a piece of white chenille to the crown of the head, and fold and glue a white chenille stem in half for the tail. Finally, use a black Sharpie pen to add the eyes and nostrils. The head and neck should be united with glue.

  7. Your cardboard tube horse craft is now complete and prepared for display.


What fascinating horse-related facts can you learn?

Every youngster has a favorite animal, and horses are frequently among them. Your child might be anticipating and delighted to learn some of the fascinating facts listed below, such as:

  • Horses can either lie down or stand when they sleep.
  • Stallions are male horses.
  • Mare refers to a female horse.
  • A horse's long tail serves as insulation.
  • Horses are unable to see what is behind them.
  • Hay is a favorite food of horses.
  • A foal is an infant horse.
  • Using their noses, horses breathe.
  • Horses are fast, powerful, and intelligent.
  • Horseshoes shield the hooves of the horse.

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Have you ever created a cupcake with a horse face drawing?

Because it is possible to create a horse-like appearance on the cake, this cupcake may be unfamiliar to you. Children will enjoy this sweet treat not only because it is tasty, but also because it is unexpected and cute. You may find the recipe adapted from littlepeachcakery's horse cupcake below.

You'll need these ingredients to make the horse cupcake:

  • 6 chocolate cupcakes
  • Buttercream with chocolate flavor
  • Vanilla buttercream in small amounts
  • Sugarpaste
  • Food coloring in brown
  • It's not absolutely necessary, but tylose powder helps the sugar paste set
  • Either two rose or two round cutters
  • Consumable glue
  • Piping bags
  • Star-shaped piping tip


Steps to do:

  1. Make the horse's ears first since they will become firmer the longer you allow them to dry. It would be best if you could leave them overnight.
  2. Make 12 dark brown circles using the more giant cutter. Trim 12 light brown rings with the smallest cutter. Place the smaller circle on top of the larger one, then fold it neatly lengthwise. Squeeze the base of the ear together while softly pinching the top. Use brown and light brown sugar paste mixed with Tylo to stiffen up the horse ears if desired.
  3. Small, equal-sized balls of dark sugar paste can be rolled to create the horse's eyes.
  4. Use a tiny ball the size of a grape to construct the mussel, then compress it a bit to make it oval. Create dents in the nostrils with a tool or the bristle end of a brush.
  5. The cupcake should be covered in chocolate buttercream stars.
  6. Wherever you want the horses' markings, pipe vanilla buttercream there.
  7. Put the ears into the buttercream with little pressure.
  8. The muscle and eyes should be placed on.
  9. Using the identical star tip, create a fringe between the ears.
  10. To add a light reflection to the eyes, dab some edible white paint or glaze on them. Enjoy.


Do you realize that a horse's field of vision is almost 360 degrees?

They have their eyes on the sides of their heads, which explains why. On the other hand, horses have two blind spots: one straight behind them and the other in front of their heads. They can't see the hay they are munching on as a result. To determine what is right in front of them, they will move their head or use their delicate and movable whiskers, lips, and sense of smell.

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