Totem Pole Templates

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Printable totem pole templates provide an engaging way to introduce you or your students to the rich cultural history and artistry of Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest. By using these templates, you can explore the significance behind the symbols and animals depicted, allowing for a creative and educational activity.

It's an excellent tool for hands-on learning, fostering creativity, and enhancing understanding of cultural symbolism and storytelling in your classroom or at home.

Totem Pole Templates

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  1. Totem Poles
  2. Totem Pole Coloring Page
  3. Totem Pole Animal Templates
  4. Totem Pole Animals Symbols Meanings
  5. Totem Pole Animals
  6. Totem Pole Animal Coloring Pages
  7. Totem Pole Coloring
  8. Totem Pole Patterns Carving
  9. Totem Pole Drawing Templates
  10. Totem Pole Design Template
Totem Poles Printable
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Totem Pole Coloring Page
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Totem Pole Animal Templates Printable
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Totem Pole Animals Symbols Meanings
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Printable Totem Pole Animals
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Totem Pole Animal Coloring Pages
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Totem Pole Coloring
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Printable Totem Pole Patterns Carving
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Printable Totem Pole Drawing Templates
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Printable Totem Pole Design Template
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Totem Pole Animals Symbols Meanings

Learning about totem pole animals and their symbols can enrich your understanding of indigenous cultures and their connection with nature. These symbols offer insights into the traits, strengths, and stories valued by these communities, helping you appreciate the depth of spiritual and societal values embedded in totemic art.

Totem Pole Coloring

Coloring totem poles can be a relaxing and educational activity, allowing you to engage with cultural art in a hands-on manner. It's a fantastic way for both children and adults to develop fine motor skills while exploring the significance of ancient symbols and designs through personal creativity.

Totem Pole Patterns Carving

Using printable totem pole patterns for carving can provide a guided approach to creating your own totemic art. It's an excellent method to learn about traditional carving techniques and the meanings behind various totem figures, offering a tangible connection to cultural heritage through artistic expression.


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  1. Amelia

    Thank you for sharing the Printable Totem Pole Templates! They are a simple yet creative way to explore Native American culture and artistic expression. I appreciate having these resources readily available for educational and craft projects.

  2. Paisley

    These printable totem pole templates are a great resource for artistic exploration and cultural appreciation. Thank you for providing such a valuable tool!

  3. Payton

    Printable totem pole templates are a convenient and practical tool for educators, allowing them to engage students in a hands-on cultural activity that promotes creativity and understanding.

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