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Apr 22, 2021
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Totem Poles Printable
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What does the totem pole resemble?

First to know, totem poles are carved sculptures from large trees. It is a part of culture from indigenous peoples of Alaska, British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. There are many meanings and purposes served behind its beauty in the shape of a totem pole. Some of it represents stories or to be used as an icon of history from tribe legends. In some cases, people think that totem poles are a god to be worshipped. The fact is that totem poles resemble traits and characteristics of each clan or story. Common figures resembling on the totem poles template include the raven, the eagle, the killer whale, the thunderbird, the beaver, the bear, the wolf and the frog.


What is the story behind each totem pole?

The story of each totem pole is based on each family, clan or region stories carved on large woods as it is the original traditional way to keep it meaningful. Because of that, each totem pole shows details of the story from each family or clan. Rumour has it that totem poles as family signs really come alive. Besides as an honor for family or clan, it can also be a shame pole. It is meant to cut the person's embarrassment and put jokes on them as they have done something wrong. Kids might find totem poles scary or resemble something too bizarre for them. To introduce the story behind the totem pole, you can create a totem pole craft. There are various totem pole templates you can find and make together with them.

Totem Pole Coloring Page
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How do you make totem pole craft?

There are many kinds of ways to make a totem pole craft. You can use folded paper totem pole templates or by using cut outs from totem pole templates and a toilet paper tube and scissors. There are various craft templates. Kids might find totem poles an interesting craft to make since its figures are mostly carved in animal shapes such as the eagle and the thunderbird. However, some faces of the totem pole that appeared in the template might scare kids because it somehow looks scary and bold. You can alternate this idea by using a colourful totem pole template or a black and white template so they can pour their own color references. Other ideas are to make your own kind of family totem pole. This can be attached family photos or pets kids have or think that suits the best to guard the family.


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