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Updated on Feb 03, 2022
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Paper Flower Templates
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What is the History of Paper Flowers?

The history of paper flowers is related to the discovery of paper. When it was first discovered, paper was used for writing and making various handicrafts. An example is paper flowers.

Paper was first made in China around 2000 years ago. Paper flowers also come from China. That paper flower was still very simple. China made paper flowers for the traditional ceremony. Eventually, paper flowers became a tradition in China and were developed in other countries.

Europe knew paper flowers from China in the 11th century. However, paper flowers in Europe developed in the 18th century. At that time, botany became a science that was liked by women, and paper flowers related to botany.

Because the trend of paper flowers from China was well-known in Europe, the British also began to recognize paper flowers. British artist, Mary Delaney, creates a paper mosaic out of colorful paper flowers. Until now, that artwork is still on display in the British Museum.

In Victoria, paper flowers are also a trend for women. The activity of making paper flowers keeps the women busy and entertained. They use paper flowers to decorate the house.

Paper flowers became increasingly known at the end of World War 1950. Then, a book about how to make paper was published in 1951. The book by Clara Kebbell led to an increase in paper flowers.

In 2009, Channel also made high-quality paper flower backgrounds. Now, paper flowers are known by all countries in the world and there are various unique creations of paper flowers.

What Should Be Prepared to Make Paper Flowers?

What to prepare when making paper flowers? You must prepare tools and materials such as colorful paper, glue, pencils, scissors, glue, and wire. For the paper used, there are several types of paper that are most recommended.

  • Crepe paper: Crepe paper has a texture like cloth. There are many small folds on the paper so the crepe paper is easier to form into flowers. Crepe paper is also available in various sizes and colors.
  • Tissue paper: Tissue paper is thin and transparent. It is perfect for making flowers with thin layers. An example is a rose.
  • Origami paper: Origami paper is thick. This paper is used to make various paper crafts, including paper flowers.
  • Gift wrapping paper: Gift wrapping paper can also be used to make patterned paper flowers. However, wrapping paper is not as thick as crepe paper or origami paper.


So, you need to choose the best type of paper to use. Origami paper and crepe paper are highly recommended. The papers are thick and have many kinds of colors, so they are suitable to be used as paper flowers in various shapes.

How to Make Paper Flowers?

To make paper flowers, you have to prepare a paper flower pattern. To make it easier, you can use a paper flower template. Then, follow these steps.

  • Download and print paper flower patterns using crepe paper or origami paper. After that, cut out the pattern.
  • Next, arrange all the paper flowers. Make a flower stalk from a wire covered with colored paper.
  • Then, place the paper flowers in a vase.

Printable Flower Template
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What are the Benefits of Teaching Paper Flowers to Children?

Making paper flowers plays an important role in children's growth. Therefore, parents need to teach their children about paper flowers. So, why is teaching children about paper flowers important? Here are some reasons.

  • Making paper crafts can help children understand instructions easily. Japan is one of the countries that often makes paper flowers. Children in Japan have been taught to make paper flowers. It's no wonder that children in Japan can understand instructions and obey rules.

  • Making paper flowers also help children to solve problems easily. That's because they have to think about ways to fold the papers into flowers.

  • Folding paper into paper flowers can also improve children's motor skills. The reason is, children have to use all their fingers to fold paper. The skill of moving the fingers is an important thing in children's growth. These motor skills are needed by children to do daily activities.

  • Children who often make paper flowers have a good focus. That's because children have to follow the instructions for making paper flowers with a focus on making good paper flowers. Therefore, paper flowers are one of the best tools to help children who have difficulty concentrating.

  • Children's cognitive abilities will also improve if they often make paper flowers. The fingertips have peripheral nerves or 'second brains.' These peripheral nerves send signals to the brain. So, children will understand any information when they frequently activate the peripheral nerves.

  • Paper flower art can also increase children's imagination. Children can imagine the ways to make flowers from a sheet of paper. So, they will think of various unique ways.

  • Besides that, making paper flowers can also increase children's happiness. The reason is, making paper flowers is a relaxing activity. It will make children not stressed.

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