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Jan 28, 2009
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NFL Football Team Logo
NFL Football Team Logodownload

Can I use NFL team logos?

Many people are wondering about the use of NFL logos. Especially people who work in a garment. Almost a lot of people are asking the same question. For example: “Can I put NFL football logos into a t-shirt and sell them?” or “Is it legal to print NFL logos posters and sell them?”

Since NFL logos have become trademarks, so the answer is no and this answer is not only specified into NFL logos but all those logos that have become trademarks. Also on this question, you can’t just use NFL football logos on anything moreover on commercial use. This is because the NFL has a legal license on those logos, and any use of it needs their permission. 

A trademark is just similar to an identifier. In other words, a trademark is a way consumers can identify the source of services and goods. For example, McDonald's logos. If you are driving somewhere and suddenly see that big golden “M '' with a red background, you’ll recognize that it was McDonald's right away. 

It goes the same with NFL logos. The trademarks are meant to prevent confusion among consumers. So whenever they see NFL logos, they would think that they are buying a product that is licensed by the NFL. Because the NFL couldn’t guarantee the product you buy if it is not officially sold by them.

What is the biggest stadium in the NFL?

The NFL games are usually held in stadiums that have a large size. Although there are certain standards regarding the stadiums used, these standards only bind the minimum eligibility limits. So, which is the biggest stadium in the NFL?

The answer is AT&T Stadium. The stadium, which is located at 1 AT&T Way, Arlington, TX 76011, United States, has a capacity of up to 100,000 spectators. At&T also has the largest capacity when compared to other NFL stadiums.

NFL Football Team Names Logos
NFL Football Team Names Logosdownload
NFL Football Team Logo
NFL Football Team Logodownload
NFL Football Team Logo
NFL Football Team Logodownload
NFL Football Team Helmet Logos
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All NFL Football Teams Logos
All NFL Football Teams Logosdownload
Printable NFL Football Team Logos
Printable NFL Football Team Logosdownload

What color is the NFL logo?

If you pay attention to the NFL logo, this logo has a color that is quite unique. The color combination is Rosso Corsa (# D50A0A) and Dark Midnight Blue (# 013369).

The NFL logo was first created in 1941. This logo has undergone a number of changes and the logo we usually see today is the newest version of the NFL logo created in 2008. The unique shape of the first logo is maintained by adopting a shield form. This new logo was created by the NFL marketing team under Lisa Baird. who currently serves as Vice President of Marketing.


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