The Lord Prayer Printable

Sep 23, 2013
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The Lord Prayer Printable

The Lord Prayer Printable

Lord S Prayer to Print Printable
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What do kids need to learn about prayer concepts?

Kids will find it complex and difficult to understand the concept of religion, especially when it comes to the right way of praying. However, it is always best to teach them since they were kids about the concept of God and how prayer works. A prayer is not only the way to communicate with God, teach them that everything they do whole heartedly will be sent to God as prayer within effort. Let them pour their feelings to God as He listens to everything. Ask them about their day, and tell them to be grateful for whatever has happened whether it is good or bad. Make a Lord’s prayer craft together with your kids at home so whenever they are about to tell their day to God, they can pray as they look upon the Lord’s prayer craft they make with you. Yet you also need to take notice to your kids that  not every prayer can be answered. When their prayer is not answered, and then they cry over it, slowly tell the kids that we can not get everything we wanted.

What kind of creative way can you teach prayer?

To give our children a time for a valuable and timeless moment about connection with God  can be  discovered in surprisingly many fun ways. You can create a Lord’s prayer craft by yourself or together with your kids. A simple Lord’’s prayer craft would be making a card with different shapes and written prayer through the day from the kids themselves. Another project is to make a bookmark from color paper with printed quotes from the Bible or Al-Qur’an or any kind related to the religion they are into.  Last but not least also to have them do a journal prayer. This has been an effective media to introduce children in almost any kind of new subject.

Scrolls the Lord Prayer Printable
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Lords Prayer
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The Lord Prayer Printable Version
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Lord S Prayer to Print Printable
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The Lord S Prayer Coloring Activity Pages
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Printable Lords Prayer
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How do you lead a prayer meeting for kids?

If you ever wonder how to handle a prayer meeting with kids, these tips might help. It all depends on what religion they are believing. However, always keep the talk to a minimum and clear instruction for them when it is time to move for prayer time. Provide everything the kids need like tissues, prayer cloths, Al-Qur’an or the Bible. Have patience in leading a prayer meeting for kids, because they sometimes might leave the room and leave you with no attention at all. Always remember that all cost you just want to give a good example to them about prayer in a proper way.

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