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Updated on Sep 19, 2023
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The Lord Prayer Printable
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What are the Main Prayers in Catholicism?

Catholics have always said the main prayers as wishes to God. For Catholics, prayer is also a connection between them and God. With prayer, they can establish a closer relationship with God. Therefore, prayer is a way to know God more deeply.

Actually, there are many Catholic prayers. Here are three main prayers for Catholics. These prayers are often said by Catholics in their worship.

  1. Sign of the Cross

    This is one of the shortest and simplest prayers for Catholics. This prayer is often said in everyday life. Examples are during Mass, when praying alone at home, and when praying with friends or family. The prayer is also said before and after eating.

  2. Hail Mary

    Hail Mary is also one of the famous prayers that are often said by Catholics. The Hail Mary Prayer is often recited in Catholic Churches to honor Mother Mary.

  3. Our Father

    Our Father is one of the most important prayers for Catholics. This prayer is also known as the Lord's Prayer. It was taught by Jesus and is used as a universal prayer by Christians. This prayer is recorded in Luke 11:2-4 and Matthew 6:9-13.

What is the Lord's Prayer?

The Lord's Prayer is a prayer written in the Bible. It is a prayer taught directly by Jesus. If you want to say the long version of the prayer, you can read it in Matthew. Meanwhile, a short version of the prayer is written in Luke.

The long version of the prayer is the original version taught by Jesus. Meanwhile, the short version of Our Father was written one year later. Not only for Catholics, this prayer is also used by Protestants. Protestants end the prayer with a doxology to praise the glory of God.

What Does The Lord's Prayer Mean?

The Lord's Prayer has several meanings. You must understand these meanings to be able to say this prayer deeply.

  • Human Identity in Christ: So, the first meaning of The Lord's Prayer relates to human identity in Christ. Jesus taught this prayer to call on God as Our Father. It makes people remember God every day within themselves. That is what makes us feel like children of God.

  • Respect for God: The prayer also teaches people to respect and love God. That's because there is a sentence "Hallowed be your name." The sentence explains that God is something holy so humans must respect God.

  • Believe in Jesus: The sentence “Your kingdom come” explains that God's kingdom is in heaven and people who believe in Jesus can call on God's kingdom to help them.

  • God's Will is Perfect: This prayer is also a reminder to people that God has perfect power. Whatever God gives to humans is something good.

  • Asking for Our Needs: Jesus asked Christians to ask God for whatever they need. So, Our Father or The Lord's Prayer is also a way to ask God for something.

  • God Always Forgives People: If you pray and ask God for forgiveness, God will give you His forgiveness. The Lord's Prayer can be a prayer to ask God for forgiveness.

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What are the Benefits of Prayer?

The main benefit of prayer, including the Lord's Prayer, is to get guidance and help from God. Besides that, there are other benefits that you will get through prayer.

  • Good Relationship with God: The benefit of prayer is that it is able to make the relationship between humans and God closer, so a good relationship can be created. That is because God will not allow people to suffer for a long time. By establishing a good relationship with God, the prayers that are said are answered more quickly.

  • Getting Kindness: Just praying and believing that God will help you, is considered kindness.

  • Calm Heart: Humans do not have the power to do something because everything that happens has been planned by God. Prayer is a sign that humans really need God's help and believe in God's existence even though they have never met.

  • Protected From Satan's Temptations: A formidable enemy for humans to face is Satan because they always disturb humans to do bad things. The benefit of praying is to protect yourself from Satan's temptations so that life becomes calmer and more peaceful.

  • Ease Your Problems: People who feel life is difficult to live and have many problems, can be caused by rarely praying to God. So, try to improve yourself to be loved by God. Prayer can be used as a way to always be connected with God, so all matters will be made easy by God.

  • Your Sins are Forgiven: Every human being must have sins so they must ask God for forgiveness so those sins are forgiven. An effective way is to pray only to God.

  • Getting Guides: Humans often get lost on the wrong path when living life. If you experience this, there is no need to be afraid because there will definitely be a guide obtained. God will give guides to humans if humans do not give up on praying.

  • Avoid God's Anger: Asking for help from other than God indicates that the person no longer believes in God. Of course, God will be angry with people who no longer have faith in Him. So, one of the benefits of prayer is to avoid God's anger.

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