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Apr 02, 2010
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Printable Computer Keyboard
Printable Computer Keyboarddownload

Can you use a separate keyboard on a laptop?

For a computer or laptop, the keyboard is one of the important components used when operating it. Without a keyboard, you will find it difficult to do activities that mainly require writing with the letter alphabet. Therefore, on a laptop, usually, it has become a whole package with a keyboard. But for laptop users who need a keyboard with a separate package, you can use a keyboard as an external device on a computer or laptop.

Is it worth getting a keyboard for a laptop?

A keyboard for a laptop is a must. But you can consider if you want to use an external keyboard / additional keyboard. Usually, people who want a separate keyboard are those who will use a keyboard with high maintenance, for example, is gamers. The laptop keyboard is usually designed only for ordinary needs such as writing and other administration. If you use it to play games, it will certainly be damaged easily. Therefore an external keyboard is worth having for gamers. As for the laptop keyboard that has been damaged, compared to if you have to fix it, you can use an external keyboard as an alternative because the price is much cheaper.

How can I use my laptop screen as a keyboard?

On a laptop, there is another feature called an on-screen keyboard. This keyboard is in a program that is inside a laptop and can be used on the screen. If you are in a condition that is not possible to get an external keyboard or use the keyboard at the bottom of the laptop, you can use the on-screen keyboard. But this method will require a lot of time because you have to click using the mouse on one letter at a time on the keyboard.

Printable Keyboard Layout Template
Printable Keyboard Layout Templatedownload
Windows 8 Print Screen Button On Laptop
Windows 8 Print Screen Button On Laptopdownload
Print Screen Key On Laptop
Print Screen Key On Laptopdownload
Printable Computer Keyboard Laptop
Printable Computer Keyboard Laptopdownload
Apple Computer Keyboard Printable
Apple Computer Keyboard Printabledownload
Printable Computer Keyboard Laptop
Printable Computer Keyboard Laptopdownload
Printable Laptop Keyboard Template
Printable Laptop Keyboard Templatedownload

What do you do when your keyboard keys don't work?

There are various choices you have when the keyboard doesn't work properly. First, you can fix it at the service center by using the product warranty provided (when it is still valid). Secondly, you can buy an external keyboard. The advantage is that it is cheaper than doing service but requires a lot of space compared to the laptop's default keyboard. Third, you can use an on-screen keyboard that only needs the help of a mouse to operate it. All choices are yours, you can adjust them to the situation that happens to you.

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