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Jun 16, 2012
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How to decorate a church stage?

The decoration or architecture of a place can really be a magnet for anyone to visit. Including church or mosque or any kind of religious place you believe in, once in a special occasion decorated well. All of us want to make a good impression, so does the place. When a church doesn’t have graceful architectures it can be replaced with simple decorating ideas. The church stage is the first thing most of us see as we step in. You can use a corrugated plastic that can be used multiple times and use various colors with a large cross stencil design or any ornament related. Accompanied with lighting as it is easily reflected and gives a stronger look to the stage. Another simple instrument is a string art installation. You can do it yourself with only a few simple media and a Youtube tutorial.

Where can I put a cross stencil?

A cross symbolizes a sign as Christian or Catholic. Some people tattooed a large cross behind their back or on their arms. There are also many kinds of design that can make the look of a cross more beautiful. However, the ideas of putting a cross stencil can be applied in some other media such as mass book covers, church stages or painting large cross stencils framed and hung in your room. Other than that, the appliance of a large cross is also possible to be  a wall decoration. When you are about to make a prayer room at home, to keep it efficient, you can print large cross stencil ideas instead of calling a painter to do the religious room decoration.

Large Cross Template
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How to attract people to church?

Nowadays, we found out that some people still wonder why they need to go to church when a prayer can be sent whenever and wherever. They wonder if it is fun to go to church. However, church solidifies your identity as a Christian or Catholic. This fosters accepting, forgiving relationships with people of all ages. To attract the unbeliever, we called it, first as the closest one you can be the fun to them. Ask them to go to church with a good time determination. There are programs that the church helds and needs volunteers. A volunteer experience can be a fun time with teams and boost a feeling of doing something good and being more grateful for the grace we had. Never stop attending and enjoy the moments in church because sometimes happiness can be seen around the corner.

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