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Updated on Dec 23, 2022
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Jesus Christmas Coloring Pages
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How do you make a stained-glass nativity craft?

To bring the religious side during the Christmas celebrations, coming up with a craft that represents the nativity story would be great. Using the stained-glass art and make it as a tree ornament.  

Grab the materials such as colorful tissue paper, popsicle sticks, stencils of a nativity story, black paper, clear paper, glue, a pencil, and scissor. Choose between a square or triangle which you can easily create using popsicle sticks.

Let your kids make tissue paper cutouts in small squares. Prepare the black paper and stick the stencil there. Use the pencil to trace. Instruct the kids to make its cutout.

Continue with cutting the clear paper in a triangle or square shape as you’ve decided. Make sure it all fits well with the popsicle sticks, so you only have to customize the paper. It would be used as the frame later.

Instruct the kids to stick each cutout of tissue paper randomly on the clear paper. After it’s covered all the surface, continue to place the popsicle sticks as the frame. Place the silhouette of the nativity in the center part. Use the ribbon to tie up and hang it on the tree as one of the ornaments.

How do you explain nativity stories to kids?

It would be better if your kids not only enjoy the magical Christmas vibes but also the religious story behind it. as a parent, it’s your job to teach them the nativity story. Just simplify by hosting some activities here.

  1. Using the miniature of the nativity.


With this, you can directly tell them about Jesus’ birth and how Mother Mary greets Him for the first time. More information such as the place of Bethlehem would be great to add.


  1. Coloring the nativity pages


Explaining the story through pictures would be much more understandable for the kids. Choose a template that is in line with the nativity story and let the kids have fun while learning through it.


  1. Bed story time


Prepare an appropriate book about the nativity and read it to your kids on Christmas Eve and let them go to bed for it.


  1. Crafting


Elevate the scene of the nativity as the crafting for the holiday season. Let the kids pull off their creativity in making the religious ornament for the tree. You can go with paper plate-based, popsicle sticks, paper cups, and more.

Christmas Nativity Scene Coloring Page
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Christmas Poems for Preschoolers
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Happy Birthday Jesus Coloring Page
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Christmas Poems for Children
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What can you do with kids on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve is the time when everyone can have fun, including their kids. You might have some grownups activities but put your kids first before they go sleep. Some activities you can arrange for them are:

Open up the evening gift. During the holiday season, you must already prepare some gifts for the kids. Don’t share everything in the morning! Let your kids have evening presents and open them up while the Christmas eve gathering. It can be a tradition where only your family comes up with this.

Playing holiday games. There are many choices you can come up with. Candy canes pick up, marshmallow toss, and scavenger hunt are great choices.

A movie night. Set your comfort space and pick the movies to watch together. Pick some best movies for all ages such as Charlie Brown Christmas, Elf, Santa Buddies, Home Alone Series, and more. Don’t forget your rainbow popcorn too!

Making Santa and reindeer foods. Tell your kids that this activity is a part of saying thanks to Santa and the reindeer for leaving gifts for them. It is such an easy making that you and the kids can make and wrap together.

How do you tire kids out on Christmas Eve?

The moment for grownups having a Christmas Eve party is when the kids fall asleep. Therefore, distracting and making them tired of themselves would be an effective way instead just waiting for a long time.

Keep them busy in during the daylight. Arrange some activities that lead to the celebration such as hosting a game, coloring the agenda, painting the rock, doing science experiments with Christmassy stuff, and more.

Even on holiday, you just need to make them stick to the routine. The time to sleep is no more than 9 P.M as usual ones when they have to go to school.

Watch out for your kids in consuming sweets. Too many sweets are believed would affect sleep quality. Maintain what your kids eat, still not too strict but don’t let them be free every time.

Bedtime distraction might need too. If your kids seem like not sleepy at all, try to play some relaxing songs or just read a book about Christmas.

Spare the time for taking rest and relaxing. After having a long day doing some activities for the preps, set the time for the kids to stay away from any distractions and let them in bed. They will easily sleep right away.

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