Kindergarten Assessment Math Printables

Feb 16, 2022
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Kindergarten Assessment Math Printables
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Common Core Kindergarten Assessment Test
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What kind of math do kindergarteners do?

Most parents want their children to be able to learn from an early age. Especially when their child is at a golden age. Children of the golden age are mostly spent in kindergarten. So it is important for kindergarteners to learn simple math such as basic additions and subtraction.
Here is some basic math you could do for your kindergarteners at home.
1.    Numbers
Teach your children to know words for numbers, such as ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’, ‘four’, is for 1,2,3,4. At this stage, just take it easy, let them learn numbers from 0 until 20. It is also a good way to learn how to write as well.
2.    Counting
When you already teach to know numbers, you have to teach to count as well. First of all, let them count 1 to 10 until they know the order. Then you can add 11 to 20. Repeat it until 100. Just remember to make it as fun as playing hide and seek.
3.    Additions
After they learn about numbers, then you can teach them about additions. First of all, tell them that additions are ‘putting together’ and ‘adding to’. You can start with basic additions such as 1 + 1, teach them to use their fingers.
4.    Subtractions
Subtractions are the opposite of additions. After learning additions, you can tell them about subtractions, it is like ‘taking away from’ and ‘taking apart’. Same as additions, you can start to wish basic subtractions such as 1 – 1 = 0. The easiest way is using their own finger.
5.    Makes small assessments
After your kids learn about basic maths, make a test for them. Kindergarten Assessment Math doesn’t conclude a paper works. Just talk to them and ask a few questions and give them small gifts if their answer is right.

How do you assess kindergarteners?

After teaching them about basic math, you should do simple Kindergarten Assessment Math to test their comprehension. But, just remember that your kids are still kindergarten, if the result is not like the way you expected, then it's okay, they still have a lot of time to learn.
1.    Try to put the basic math concepts into your everyday activities together. For example, let the count the stairs or let them count the apples you bought from the supermarket.
2.    Put basic additions concepts when you ask them to do daily activities. For example, give them 2 apples, then give them another 3 apples, let them count the result.
3.       Don’t forget to make it fun! Let them know that learning is fun, so you better prepare some gifts for them when their answer is correct.

Kindergarten Math Assessment Test
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Kindergarten Math Assessment Test
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How can I help my kindergartener with math?

There are a lot of ways to help your kindergartener with math. First of all, teach them about basic numbers and counting. Make it fun as in their school so your children would be excited about learning math.

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