3D Shapes Worksheets Printables Kindergarten

Apr 23, 2013
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3D Shapes Kindergarten Worksheet
3D Shapes Kindergarten Worksheetdownload

How do you teach about shapes to kindergarten?

Kindergarteners around age 4 to 6 years old are able to start knowing volume and shapes. To teach them about shapes you can use numerous methods depending on your preference in teaching your kids. Before going to 3D shapes worksheet kindergarten, start from working on a worksheet with 2D shapes. This is to let them know what is the difference between flat concepts and solid shapes. Besides working on a worksheet, you can explain 3D shapes by using hand motions. When you go to a festival or a shop with your kids and happen to see balloons or post offices, recreate the shape of them by using hand motions and tell your children a 3D shape is a solid form like a balloon or post office box. You can go to have a practice with 3d shapes worksheet where there are pictures of the shapes and the details about it. Like they have corners, edges and faces.

How to teach numeracy with shapes?

Before going to numerical learning, materials about shapes, matching and pairing, sorting and grouping and also sharing. Those skills and activities are a base for children's mathematical knowledge. Teaching numeracy with shapes is a one method that is used in the Montessori method. Children are allowed to play with blocks. Montessori media have different kinds of shapes and the use of the blocks is different. There is a set of 10 graded size pink cubes, brown prisms and red rods. Those serve interesting learning for children since the colors used in Montessori use base bright colors to get children attention and focus easily. In learning shapes and volumes that long relate to numeracy. Montessori teacher didn’t give any kind of 3D shapes worksheet since in the methods itself, they will get used in exploration and shapes combining.

2D and 3D Shapes Kindergarten
2D and 3D Shapes Kindergartendownload
3D Shapes Worksheets and Printables
3D Shapes Worksheets and Printablesdownload
3D Shapes Kindergarten Worksheet
3D Shapes Kindergarten Worksheetdownload

 Why is learning shapes and colors important?

Learning shapes and colors since early age is important because those are the key for us to describe and categorize our surroundings. Since we were toddlers until kindergarten age, we have been emphasized to understand the concept of shapes and colors. During school, we were given out multiple worksheets. In 3D shapes worksheet for kindergarten, allows children to understand the basic concept. On the worksheet, each shape is illustrated and described with easy languages. For example, in the worksheet a cylinder has 1 curved face, 2 flat circle ends and looks like a can. By understanding the concepts of shapes, they will be able to sort and classify around them.

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