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Jun 25, 2021
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Printable Halloween Invitation
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Why we must invite Halloween party on 31st October?

The official date to shout ‘Happy Halloween’ is 31st October. For the back of the story, it is more of a cultural reason. 

In the earliest year of the invention of Halloween, which is the Gaelic festival of Samhain, was celebrated around late October. It marked the change of the season and memorize the connection between the world and the dead. That is another reason you see creepy figures during Halloween, including the costume you wear to Halloween trick-or-treating and house parties. 

What should we prepare for Happy Halloween party invitations?

Halloween party invitation cards

How come to a party without the invitation cards? Even Halloween is a yearly event, you still need to set the invitation for specific people, so that you can prepare everything with the correct portion. 

Halloween costume

Next, on the invitation cards, you have to mention the costume code because it is Halloween! You can get the idea of the costume aligns with the theme of the party, such as zombie and mummy.

Halloween room decor

The most basic room decor is a 'Happy Halloween' garland. You are free to add the tomb and skeletons. For the venue, it can be in your own house or an empty one.


Remember what did you put on the invitations? Is there any picture of Halloween candy? Some kids might look for special chocolate at the party. 

Halloween Party Invitation Wording
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Can we be on budget for inviting a Happy Halloween party?

You can always invite a Happy Halloween party on a budget. Here are the activities you can make your party cheap, and might as well write on the Halloween invitations to reach the guests' heart.

Movie night

How many movies do you know that put Halloween as the theme? You can select the movies based on the age of the watchers. Movie night is cheap for a Halloween party because you can rent the file of the film at a good price.

Carve a pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin together with friends, not only is it fun but also memorable. This kind of party can save your budget if you ask the guests to bring their own pumpkins. 

Bobbing games

Another simple game is bobbing some apples or doughnuts. The materials are cheap and everybody will shed a burst of laughter. 

Spooky dance night

If there's a dance night, there's also the music. These days, you can get groovy music from the old era to today's, along with the Halloween theme. 

What are party names suits for Halloween?

If you are about to host a Halloween party, you must think of the decoration, treats, drinks, and other things involved. Besides those things, come up with a creative party name to pique your friends’ interest in attending your party. If you seek a recommendation for it, then this post is for you!

Angels and Devils dinner will be spooktacular for your Halloween gathering. Let them wear in spooky characters of the devil and also the angels. Carnival of Souls is also spot on!

Go with the ghoulish decoration theme to make it more festive. Monster Mash suit with all monster themes. Make the decoration in the creepy monster theme along with its treats and the drinks.

You can also let the guest wear all monsters only. Other party names you can pick are Marvel Mascarade, Zombie Apocalypse, Hell’s Bells Bash, Ghostly Gala, and many more.

How do you decorate the Halloween treats?

After deciding on the party theme for your Halloween party, you also need to consider decorating the treats that are in line with it. If you need some insight to decorate the treat, just check this out to get inspired!

For the witchy theme, you can decorate the pretzel with the witch fingers. All you need to do is dip the pretzel stick in the chocolate liquid and add the finger accent with also add almonds for the nails.

Eyeball pudding will suit the zombie theme. Cook the pudding while also adding the red food color. Add the eyeball topping you made from the whipped cream and green food coloring.

How can you set up the drink station at the Halloween party?

Besides the spooky treats, you also need the drinks to serve at the Halloween party. Setting the drink station in a spooky theme will support the venue's party looks. Just check this out to get insight into setting up your drink station.

Pick the drink jar and decorate it with the spooky Halloween theme. The half skeleton looks like holding the drink cans will be spookier. Place the witch cauldron sounds interesting too.

Put your cocktails on it and add the dried ice on top. The smoke effects will attract everyone who sees it. For the glass, you can choose the ones that have the skeleton hand detail on them. Label all the bottles with the poison label and add the spooky Halloween embellishment to them.

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