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Oct 04, 2021
By Printablee
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How to get Halloween wall art?

There are a lot of sources nowadays to get one and more wall arts, including the ones to decorate your Halloween. Since you've found one of the sites, we want to guide you more on getting the best wall art with Halloween nuances. 

1. Choose the Halloween wall art based on the theme

You will find many different styles for the wall art with the Halloween edition. A lot of them are paintings, with the picture of a skull and a haunted mansion. But, you can also make a puppet for the wall art if you want more realistic decor.

2. Download for free

These days, you can get the Halloween wall art for free. Here, not only can you find more inspirations, but also print them straight away. Even if you use the templates for wall craft, you can still save the examples at no cost.

3. Make a purchase

There are selections for the wall art with a Halloween theme, from the vintage, cartoon characters, texts, and many more.

"Something wicked is on the way in your home."

What do we need after printing the Halloween wall art?

Make sure you print with high-quality paper. The material of the paper affects the durability of the wall art. We want to show you some materials that you might need to complete the printed wall art for a festive Halloween.

  • Frame
  • More Halloween accessories
  • Hang it on the wall

Printable Wall Art
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Where can we decorate the house with Halloween wall art?

Surely, you hang the Halloween wall art on.... basically the wall. But, you can do more experiments on decorating the house with frames. It will worth the tries.

On top of the fireplace

Make warm autumn and Halloween. See, it is the same as Christmas wall decor, when you hang the stockings and insert some mini presents. The only difference is you put frames of Halloween creeps, bat garland, and pumpkin decor. 

In the living room

Okay, maybe the fireplace is also in the living room. You can hang the wall art on the walls. Just replace some of your childhood photos with Halloween pictures. Most Halloween gatherings are held in this room because you can watch movies, playing Halloween board games, and many more.

Put on the corridor

When you open the door for giving out candies at trick-or-treating, the children can see how you decorate the corridor. Thus, this is somehow a crucial part of your house that you can fill with wall art. How? Just scatter the frames on the ground, as if it gives you direction to the witch's kitchen.

What kind of paint should be used for interior wall painting?

Similar to painting on canvas, creating a mural involves two distinct stages: firstly, you'll make a layer mask to block in major color regions and define the overall composition, and then you will paint in the details.

Use interior home paint, commonly known as latex paint, to paint vast blocks of color (like a huge distance of blue sky, green fields, etc.). This is the type of paint that is typically used to paint walls. Instead of attempting to cover the whole wall with the artist-quality acrylic paint, you get from the art supply shop, painting broad blocks of color with latex paint is more cost-effective.

What supplies are required to paint a mural?

  • Paintbrushes. Paintbrushes of different sizes, from little to wide, are required. The sizes you'll require mostly depend on how intricately you plan to paint.

  • Medium Gel. These two extra products, Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel and Matte Gel Medium are useful since they can help you acquire more coverage from your Liquitex Acrylic paints.

  • Primer. Before painting a mural on a wall, prepare it by priming it in the same way that you would a canvas. Acrylic paint will stick easily to the smooth, flat surface that the primer will produce.

  • Roller and Paint Tray. Consider putting your paint in a tray and then using a roller to spread it to the wall if you plan to paint particularly large areas with only one color. 

  • Painter's tape. For attaching a protective covering to the floor, you will need tape. It will be simple to remove and won't leave a trace on the baseboard, therefore painters' tape is the best type of tape to use.

  • Palette. When you're ready to add the finishing touches, you'll need a palette to blend your paints and combine colors on.

  • Either paper or plastic Cloth to Drop. Apply painter's tape to attach the newspaper or plastic tarp to the bottom edge of the baseboard and to cover the entire floor where you'll be painting. This will guarantee that while you walk on the protective coating, it won't budge or slip.

  • Old clothing, a smock, or an apron. You'll realize that painting walls is messy as you learn how to create a mural. Make sure you're wearing the necessary clothing or protection!

  • A water cup. To rinse and clean your brushes, you'll need to dip them into the water, therefore you'll need a sturdy cup to hold it.

  • Clean water in a bottle or cup. Having a separate bottle of clean water on hand in extra to the water for your brushes is useful.

  • Paper towels, old rags, or both. Cleaning up unexpected spills and messes requires paper towels and old rags.

  • Stepladder or stool. This uses to access the higher portions of the wall.


How to make Halloween wall art at home?

Drawing on and painting walls may be enjoyable, especially if you use a range of images, characters, and colors that can be seen and enjoyed around Halloween.

It's actually pretty easy if you want to make the wall artwork with a Halloween theme, including Jack-o-lantern, vampire, witch, mummy, zombie, and other Halloween characters. You can make cutouts of the templates first and attach them with tape on the wall.

Orange, black, and purple colors can also give the wall a spooky appearance and are Halloween-like.

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