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May 20, 2011
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LDS Secret Sister Questionnaire
LDS Secret Sister Questionnairedownload

What can you give in secret for your sister?

Having siblings, especially a sister, is a great thing to be grateful for. It makes you feel like you are having a lifetime best friend. Through the ups and downs, all fights and cries, once in a lifetime you must want to give your sister something sweet and to appreciate her to be there as the second closest support system for you after your parents. Apparently you are not the kind of publicly showing affection to your loved ones. Then you can come up with little secret sister surprises like writing nice things on a sticky note in front of her bedroom door or giving a note about what you admire, respect, like and don’t like about her. This kind of secret sister giving ideas can tighten the bond with your sister and to not awkwardly share feelings anymore.

What are the perks of having a sister?

A sibling can be a support system and can make you feel whole as a person when you have no one outside to understand about you. Be grateful when you have a sister or brother. More perks to have a sister around, she can be your lifetime bestfriend you can make her closet yours as well. Must be awkward to tell your brother about the boy you had a crush on. On the other hand, you can always tell your sister about everything. From the bad deeds to the good stuff you did. She is also ready to be your stylist. Believe in what your sister told you about life advice. Much better than keeping secret from your brother, secret between sister borders is erased because you both know all the moments then you can make fun of each other freely.

Printable Secret Sister Cards
Printable Secret Sister Cardsdownload
Christian Secret Sister Poems
Christian Secret Sister Poemsdownload
Printable Secret Sister Questionnaire
Printable Secret Sister Questionnairedownload
Printable Secret Sister Questionnaire
Printable Secret Sister Questionnairedownload
Printable Welcome Banners
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Girls Camp Secret Sister Gift Ideas
Girls Camp Secret Sister Gift Ideasdownload
Secret Sister Poem Gift
Secret Sister Poem Giftdownload
Secret Sister Survey
Secret Sister Surveydownload

Why should women gather in sisterhood?

It is never easy to be a woman, as for we live in a society where we all know and consciously aware that the culture is male dominated. Even if as a woman when you befriend lots of boys, there is always a missing link between you and them. The reason why women need to be in a sisterhood is because we need to understand women need women. Having a friendship among women that is strong, supportive will give a bigger impact as to be a greater chance to survive for those who are socially difficult. This much better than having a secret sister. Sisterhood is empowering, because when you meet each other from the same perspective you feel much more essential and what you say, feel and think are matters.

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