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Feb 18, 2022
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Printable Valentines Day Card
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What are the elements of a Happy Valentine card?

There are three common parts on a Valentine card to check. They are the color, the writing, and the attributes. The first one is the color. Five main colors make up the card. It can be pink, black, red, maroon and white. Although many choose to utilize a white hue, the background of the card usually has a darker color. Maroon or red are preferred. Some of the background’s colors are patterned with glitters or glossy texture. Some have white bubbles as shadows. The second one is the writing. Most of the time, it has a saying of ‘happy Valentine’s Day.’ Some other times, it includes an inspiring quote. The font is generally white or red. The last one is the attribute. Several things symbolize love. They are heart-shaped balloons, a teddy bear, a cup of coffee, a loaf of bread, champagne, and roses. The proportion of the writing will be on par with the attribute. The whole illustration gives a beautiful and clear message to the receiver. It says the most important thing about love is happiness and the sender wishes that to the loved one.

How do we make our own DIY watercolor love card?

Making your own unique card for loved ones shows a great effort. It means more sacrifice and appreciation. The items necessary are watercolor paper (9x12 centimeter long), scissors, a marker, a white gel pen, watercolors, scrap paper, glitter, small ribbons, and tape. First of all, fold the scrap paper and draw a symmetrical heart at the center of the crease. Cut around the edges with scissors. Set it aside. Take the watercolor paper and fold it and tape it down on the table. Prepare your watercolors and paint one side with pink combined with purple color. It will create a pale pink shade. Mix red and blue, yellow and black. Use these combinations to paint stripes of varying width on the previously pink paper. Create horizontal and vertical lines. Let it completely dry. Take the symmetrical heart and put it inside at the center of the fold. Write your wish with a marker on the heart. Add glitters and ribbons. It is ready to be sent.

How do we create the best combination of Valentine's gifts?

There are three types of Valentine's presents. They are chocolate, flowers, and cards. In order to make the best experience, one has to set them in a purposeful manner. First of all, decide your timeline of giving them to your loved one. It is advised to give them on separate occasions. For example, give the flowers in the morning and the card as well as the chocolate during a dinner together or give the chocolate in the morning and then the flowers and a card go together in the evening. Start with bright-colored flowers and then followed by your loved one’s favorite chocolate. The second one is the wrapping. As you pick the flowers, do not forget to add a beautifully patterned ribbon. For the card and the chocolate, you can use a small hand-made basket adorned with small flowers. Put the card vertically and the chocolate horizontally inside the basket. Your loved ones will adore the well-thought-out gifts.

Happy Valentines Day Cards Printable
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Printable Valentine Day Cards to Color
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Valentines Day Cards Printable
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Happy Valentines Day Cards Printable
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Happy Valentines Day Cards Printable
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Happy Valentines Day Cards Printable
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How do we send cards to our co-workers?

It might not seem a common thing to send loving words to our co-workers. Especially when you were rarely having lunch or saying hello to them. There are several ways to help give cards to them. The first one is by directly handing it to them or leaving it at their desk. It is easy to make a mainstream card. To make things more memorable, personalize your writing. First of all, talk sincerely to your co-workers months before Valentine's. Get a grasp on their personalities and wishes. Secondly, write some statements encouraging or complimenting their specific traits on the cards. If you have time, you can even ask them their favorite color and write with a pen containing the same shade of pink. Give them the cards in the morning when they are still enthusiastic about their day.

Why do we give Valentine cards?

People have exchanged doting and adoring greetings since the 18th century. Europeans and Americans did it as a tribute to Saint Valentine. Some people say that Valentine was two different men. However, the others suggest that they have been the same person. He was a priest or a bishop in Rome. He was executed because of marrying couples so that the husband avoided the war. When he was in prison, Valentine befriended the jailer’s daughter and send a farewell message with the words saying ‘your Valentine.’ However, Valentine has not become a holiday until the fifth century. Gelasius I wanted to end the pagan festivities of Lupercalia and replaced it with this holiday. The early Valentine’s Day cards were sent among friends in German. This tradition dated back to Egyptian and Chinese eras when friends exchanged gifts during a new year. Nowadays, people across the globe celebrate it with their loved ones (romantic partners, friends, and family.)

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