Happy Halloween Banner Printable

Aug 13, 2009
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Happy Halloween Banner Printable
Happy Halloween Banner Printabledownload

What is the meaning of Happy Halloween?

On the last day of October, the 31st, we will celebrate Halloween day. Halloween is a celebration known for the spooky theme. But, the origin of it, is a day when Celtic people ward all the ghosts out of their environments. The saints take most of the honor for protecting the people from ghosts. So this day was called “Hallow’s eve”, and later changed to “Halloween”. Now, people don’t ward off ghosts anymore on Halloween day, instead, they dress up as the ghosts themselves. Other than dress up like ghosts or spirits, people decorate their house with Halloween-themed ornaments, like carved pumpkins, fake spiders, or anything spooky. One of the most popular Halloween decorations is the Happy Halloween banner. This is simply a banner with “Happy Halloween” words on it. Another form of Happy Halloween banner is a piece of paper with every letter in the Happy Halloween sentence. This is considered a basic ornaments to put on your house on Halloween day.

How do you make a cardstock banner?

Cardstock is a thick piece of 8.5 inches by 11.5 inches paper. Cardstock usually comes in various colors. You can make your Happy Halloween banner using this kind of paper. First, choose the color of the cardstock you want. Don’t forget to prepare any other requirements such as the ribbon. Fold the cardstock into two parts, then cut them into two pieces. After that, gather all those pieces of paper that you’ve cut. Count every one of them, make sure you have 14 pieces of paper to make a cool Halloween banner. Put “h” on your first piece of paper, continue with “a” on the next paper. Make sure that your Happy Halloween banner contains all the letters in the “Happy Halloween” word. After that, arrange those letters into “Happy Halloween” to make your Halloween banner. Your Halloween banner is nearly done, just glue it to a ribbon. Finally, your Halloween banner is completed and you can hang your Halloween banner on your wall.

Printable Halloween Banner
Printable Halloween Bannerdownload
Printable Halloween Alphabet Banner
Printable Halloween Alphabet Bannerdownload
Happy Halloween Banner Printable
Happy Halloween Banner Printabledownload

How do you make a paper banner with letters?

Paper banner with letters is one of the most favorite forms of Happy Halloween banner. It’s simple to make and still looks good. Simply gather 14 pieces of paper for your awesome Halloween banner. You can draw or decorate those papers with a darker or spooky theme first. Then write “h” on the first paper, “a” on the second, and so on based on the “Happy Halloween” word. Arrange it into “Happy Halloween”, make sure it’s in sequence to make your Halloween banner clear and can be read. Put your Happy Halloween banner on a ribbon or string then glue it. You can hang your finished Halloween banner on the wall or tight it between a lamppost after that.

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