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Updated on Apr 05, 2023
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Does A Warm Welcome Make Others Happy?

Happiness is something that is important to humans. Because it is important, March 20 is celebrated as World Happiness Day. Many people think that happiness is related to material things.

This is proven by a survey from Personal Growth. The survey shows that there are several aspects of happiness. So, 90.4% of people think that having a home is an important aspect of happiness. Then, 80% of people say that wealth is the most important aspect of happiness. Then, as many as 66.2% chose academic achievement and a professional career as important aspects of happiness.

In fact, happiness is not only related to material things. Happiness can be obtained in simple ways because happiness actually comes from ourselves. Therefore, happiness must be interpreted deeply, not only related to material things.

Based on the explanation from a psychologist named Jessamy Hibberd, many small things can have a big impact on making someone happy. According to him, being grateful, meeting friends, sharing, and laughing are the little things that can really make us happy.

Meanwhile, there are four other things that can make us happy. The first is closeness to family. Psychologists explain that when a child is close to their parents and family, the child will have a higher level of happiness.

Second, an increase in living standards is also one of the things that can make a person happy. Even though it is not the main aspect, an increase in living standards has an effect on happiness.

The third is a clear purpose in life. By having clear and directed goals in life, a person can have high enthusiasm to achieve these goals. With that, people will do things that can make them feel happy and satisfied to achieve that goal.

The last is to interpret life more positively. From psychological theory, happiness can actually come by interpreting life in a positive way. Another theory explains that efforts and daily activities make a person happier and more excited to live.

So, from this explanation, it can be seen that a warm welcome is one way to make other people happy. The reason is, happiness is proven to be obtained from various small things that are around us.

Tips to Make A Warm Welcome

So, after understanding the previous explanation about a warm welcome: how small actions spark happiness, now is the time for us to know how to make the best warm welcome. Here are some easy steps.

  • First, make an invitation to the people you will invite in the warm welcome.
  • So, when the warm welcome event has started, give your best greeting and smile to the people who come to the event.
  • Then, let everyone greet one another.
  • Next, do icebreaking. These can be games or fun things to do together.
  • After that, give time to chat more deeply with everyone at the warm welcome event.
  • After the warm welcome event is over, give a closing.


So, if a warm welcome is carried out in an organization, make sure that all roles in the organization are introduced to new members. In addition, convey the values of the organization. Finally, keep in touch with everyone at the warm welcome event.

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Let’s Do These Little Things to Make Kids Happy

By making others happy, we can also feel happiness. The reason is, when you see other people happy, you can feel better. The happiness that others feel will also affect us.

Well, you can do some simple things to make your children happier. With these ideas, children will experience a deeper meaning of happiness.

  1. Hear Their Stories

    Listening to other people's stories is one simple way that can make them happy. Often parents assume that children do not have a heavy life. In fact, problems can also be felt by children.

    Well, you must listen to their stories. Don't judge them, but try to understand their feelings. In that way, you have given happiness to your children.

  2. Say Thank You

    Saying thank you can give happiness to others. The reason is, saying thank you is one of the words that have a positive meaning. Therefore, you can often say thank you to children for whatever positive things they have done. Don't forget to teach children to say thank you to others.

  3. Give Praise to Children

    Giving praise is also a simple thing that can make children very happy. That's because humans really like to be praised, including children. So, you can give credit to them for the good things they have done.

    You can say the praise directly to the children or via short messages. That will make them feel good all day long. However, make sure that you don't give them too much praise so they can become humble people.

  4. Give A Smile

    A smile can give happiness. So, give your kids a warm smile. By smiling, you will give positive energy to them. It will make them also feel the same happiness as you.

  5. Ask about “How was Your Day?”

    If they don't want to talk, ask them “how’s your day?” That simple question will make them feel happy.

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