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Updated on Jul 06, 2022
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Halloween Printable
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Halloween Printables
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What is Halloween and why do we celebrate it?

For some countries, Halloween a holiday. In every country, Halloween is celebrated annually and it's always on October, 31. Then, the celebration is originally from the ancient, which is the Celtic festival of Samhain. When we see someone wear spooky costumes when it comes to celebrating Halloween, this tradition is also adapted from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain too.

At the beginning of this celebration, ancient people also wear costumes too. However, the aims are different, they wear costumes because they want toward the ghosts off. Also, originally, the ancient Celtic celebrate this by lighting a bonfire.

Originally, the celebrations of the Halloween is because the ancients believed, the November 1 is the mark that the summer ends. So, the day begins to dark, cold. The ancient Celtics also celebrate November 1 as their new year.

So, in the new year, it is associated with human death. The Celts (people of Celtics) believed, the night before the new year, the border between death and alive is vague. So, here is the reason why the vibe of Halloween is spooky and thrilling.


What Halloween means?

Well, when we want to celebrate Halloween, sometimes we don't even understand the meaning of the "Halloween" word itself. We can increase our knowledge of Halloween by understanding the meaning of the "Halloween" word. This also prevents us to celebrate something that we don't really know. So, to sum up, the "Halloween" word is not derived from "Hello", but it is from "Hallow". The "Hallow" word means "a holy person".

This word is used to describe the celebrations of saints on All Saints' Day, which is on November 1. The "-een" suffix is actually the contraction of "eve". Yes, the eve means the evening before.
So, actually, the "Halloween" word is used by the ancients to greet the people by saying "the night before All Saints' Day." We can also find the fact that this "Hallowmas" or "All Hallows' Day" is also the name of the day.

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Who does not celebrate Halloween?

The origin celebration of Halloween is considered a religious celebration. Yes, this is the religious holiday that is celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church. We can see that the day is celebrated to respect the saints too.

However, there are some religions that don't celebrate Halloween at all. It is because the belief is contradicted to the value of the religion. Some of the religions that don't celebrate Halloween are Jehovah's Witnesses and the Orthodox Jews. The Jehovah's Witnesses don't even celebrate anything, including holidays or birthdays. The Orthodox Jews also don't celebrate it because the original celebration of Halloween refers to a Christian holiday. However, some Christians don't also celebrate Halloween too! It is because some of them associate Halloween with Paganism and Satanism.

How do you arrange Halloween evening to be magical for kids?

If you are planning to celebrate Halloween at home, you might have to arrange some activities you can do with all your family members, including your kids. These are activity recommendations to make your kids' Halloween evening feels magical for them.

Make handmade Halloween costumes and ask your kids to participate. Kids will go trick or treat by wearing their favorite costumes. It will be more fun for them if they not only wear it but also participate in the making of what they wear.

Let your kids go trick or treat with their friends. After wearing costumes and spooky make-up, let your kids handle their Halloween bags and seeking for the treat in the neighborhood with their friends. They will love this tradition and are excited to do it for next Halloween. Light bonfire and tell them the spooky story.

Done with the trick or treating, make them relax around the campfire, and enjoy the treat, while also listening to your storytelling about the ghost. All of these activities make kids excited about Halloween along with any traditions included.

What can I put in a Halloween treat bag?

Halloween is related to trick or treat which allows you to prepare the food for this tradition. Some food often becomes favored in Halloween treat bags. A mixture of sweet and salty popcorn is included. Wrap it in the paper lunch bag and place the Halloween theme sticker on it. Serve soda apples with Halloween tags would be interesting.

Hand the kids one by one and let them sip this spooky drink after the trick or treat hold. Rock candy stick is the one that kids never going to leave it. You can add some decorations to make them impressed with the looks.

Dipped apples are also the kid’s favorite. Other treats you can consider are corn candies, lollipops, cotton candy, chocolate, and many more.

What are some Halloween gifts for toddlers' treat bags?

If you planning to include other things besides food in your Halloween treats bag, toys can be considered. Here are the Halloween toys recommendations.

Halloween squishes toys which are commonly also available in the package.

Halloween felt pumpkin make your kids can arrange any Halloween symbols available inside the felt pumpkin's mouth.

Halloween stamps would be the kid’s favorite. Pick some stamps so they can print them in various kinds of Halloween symbols.

The sound book would be proper for toddlers’ gifts. Using this kind of book allows them to listen to the story while also being spoiled by the book visual.

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