Halloween Printable Banners

Aug 12, 2022
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Halloween Printable Banners
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Printable Halloween Banner
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What is a banner used for?

A flag or other piece of cloth displaying an emblem, logo, slogan, or other messages may be a banner. A banner of arms is called a flag whose pattern is the same as the shield in a coat of arms (but generally in a square or rectangular shape). Also, a bar-shaped piece of non-cloth advertising material sporting a name, slogan, or other marketing messages.

How do I create a homemade banner?

Halloween banners are easy to make since it didn't require any high skill of cutting or making shapes. Halloween banners are having many shapes and color variations, but today I’m going to tell you how to make an easy triangle banner. The materials and tools you would need are cardstock (any color you want), Halloween letters, extra decorations (such as confetti), mod podge, double-sided tape, a ribbon, or twine, or raffia, a sponge brush, and scissors.

How to make :

In the first step, cut your cardstock into 8.5″x11″ and then fold your piece of cardstock in half and divide it into four equal pieces.

Step two, and then cut the paper into a triangle shape, leaving the folded edge intact.

Step three, attach the ribbon between the edges of the cardstock using a piece of double-sided tape. Don’t forget to space the banner pieces evenly on the ribbon and secure to make them look tidy.

Step four, put on your happy Halloween (or other sayings) letter on top of each banner and give it some extra decorations such as Halloween colored confetti. Cover them with mod podge to secure.

The last step, let your banner dry for about an hour before hanging them.

Printable Banner Trick or Treat
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Printable Halloween Banner
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How do I create a banner in Word?

Step 1, open Microsoft Word and then search for banner templates using the search bar. Pick any banner template that you want. You'll need to click on the template and tap on the Build button to use the template. A prototype will open in a new window on Word.

Step 2, edit your template. You'll be able to edit the content in the template once your banner template opens in the new window. Click the placeholder text and replace the title, subtext, slogan, or whatever you want to make your Halloween banner put together. If you want to add spooky pictures to the banner, go to the Insert tab, click on the Picture button and then select the Halloween image that you want to add to your banner from the Insert picture window. You can also add content to your banner by editing the text in the template. Pick the font size, design, color, and form as you wish from the Font menu.

Step 3, make sure your banner is spooky and interesting, then save and print your Halloween banner!

How do you create a banner with pennant flags?

Finding fresh ideas while producing decorations for a party, festival, or event can be challenging. If you want to enjoy and design in a style that is exciting and enjoyable, the installation of a banner made of pennant flags is among the best methods to decorate. 


  • A string (twine, kitchen string, or any other strong string you have lying around your home)
  • Material for pennant flags (you can use any type of material for your pennant flags, including cloth, paper, and plastic)
  • Scissors
  • A hole punch


  1. The very first thing to do is to use your hole punch to make two holes throughout the top two corners of each pennant flag. Make sure you arrange your pennant flags in the order they will be displayed once the corners of the flags have been poked with holes. Taking them out of the stack and placing them on the string will be simple as a result.

  2. The flags can then be threaded onto the string after the holes have been pierced and they have been correctly stacked. To leave space for the placement of the remaining flags and to avoid having to move the first flag while making it, be sure to lower it all the way down to the end of the string.

  3. You are prepared to hang your banner after attaching the pennant flags to the string. To give space for the flag to move and sway in the breeze, avoid pulling the thread too tightly. Pennant flag banners are particularly appealing because of this.


What kinds of hanging decorations are appropriate for banners?

Banners can be displayed using a variety of different hanging attachments. Additionally, they eliminate the necessity for any equipment or tools, making it simple to put up your banner. The following are some of the most widely used hanging materials:

  • Bungee cords are excellent hanging accessories that let you hang a banner using the corner grommets that are attached. Put the cord's opposite end through all the grommet and fasten it to an attachment point. Check to see if the bungee cords are secure.

  • Outdoor banners can be attached to fence posts or chain link fences with the use of zip ties or carabineers, which will keep the banner in place even on windy days.

  • A banner can be attached to a flat surface, such as a painted wall, with the use of suction cups or even Velcro, which is a great alternative for indoor display needs.

  • The traditional choice for hanging banners in a variety of situations is nylon rope. Nylon rope is a great choice because it is affordable, strong, and accessible at your neighborhood hardware shop.


Is it possible to use pennant flags as decorative markers?

It can be challenging to direct guests' attention to crucial spaces like restrooms or buffet tables when you're hosting a big gathering. You may direct attendees' attention to key locations of your event by using vibrant, colorful pennant banners.

Pennant flags can be used to brighten up the look of tables, picture booths, and other key areas. This will help you attract visitors and make better use of the area.

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