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Dec 23, 2022
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Family Feud Christmas Game Printable
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How to obtain a printable Christmas feud game?

Despite being one of the oldest game programs, everyone enjoys playing Family Feud. Playing it during get-togethers, gatherings with relatives, and other occasions have become a common home activity.

Don't pass up the opportunity to engage in this activity over the Christmas holiday since it was inspired by the popular TV game show, which makes it the ideal time of year to debut it.

Playing a game with a Christmas theme will allow you to spend time with your family, regardless of whether you choose to compete in children vs. adults, family vs. family (husband vs. wife), or girls vs. boys.

In order to play this feud game, you can choose this easy way by having a printable Christmas feud game instead. You can explore internet websites for any Christmas-themed feud games that capture your interest to discover printable versions of those games in the game feud.

When you find a printable feud game you like, you must make a payment online and download the soft file of the printable feud game. Typically, a feud game printable pack will include three files: a survey without answers, one with survey answers, and a file with every item (instructions, scoreboard, and strike cards).

What is required to play the Christmas feud game?

The following are the things you should have ready before playing the Christmas feud game:

  • A fake podium (chair or table can be used).
  • A bell or buzzer is installed above the stage.
  • The best responses in every category should be written on a dry-erase board.
  • In order to hide the answers, use a marker or pieces of paper.
  • In order to record response times, use a stopwatch or timer.
  • If you really want to go all out, you can even get microphones and other fun things to make it seem more formal and magnificent. Most of the time, though, the game may be played with common household items.


Therefore, before the game begins, you need to get ready for such things. You won't need any pricey items to play this game because you already have all the necessary resources lying around the house.

What could be added to the feud game to make it more attempting to engage?

Having rewards and medals is another excellent approach to make sure that Family Feud is enjoyable for the children. You can choose between all those reward recommendations such as gift cards, presents for stockings, Xmas cards, golden chocolate coins, or other sweets with festive themes. You could also give the kids access to the TV remote for an entire week. These are some fantastic suggestions.

Children are more likely to put in more effort, keep trying, and participate in the Christmas spirit when you include gaming rewards for everyone and give them the impression that their reactions and enthusiasm count. This concept won't hurt them in any way because it will make them more eager to participate in the feud game.

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What are some suggested questions for a Christmas feud game in the family?

You can use these questions as feud game questions when playing the Christmas feud game with family, especially during this holiday. This one will add extra spice to the game. These are a few examples of Christmas feud games questions, such as:

  • Give the name of one Thanksgiving meal item.
  • Specify one term that describes pilgrims.
  • What word beginning with C best describes Thanksgiving?
  • Specify one thing that consumers often purchase on Black Friday.
  • Decide which Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloon performer is the finest.
  • Give the name of a well-known Christmas song.
  • Give a concrete example of a Christmas present you shouldn't ever give someone.
  • Give the name of the holiday beverage you enjoy.
  • Name a reindeer that belongs to Santa.
  • Describe a well-liked Christmas custom, and so on.


How do you play the family feud game with many people?

You can divide your group into two families and play Family Feud among each half of the group separately if you're playing with a big group.

The only significant element lacking is that not every person will get the opportunity to participate in the face-off, however, if you ask plenty of questions, every person should have the opportunity to respond at least a couple of times.

You can attempt this method in the meantime by simply playing two distinct games with smaller units so that individuals can engage more.

When playing the family feud game with a large group, you can decide which option is significantly better.

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