Youth Bible Trivia Questions Printable

Jun 02, 2010
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Printable Bible Trivia Questions
Printable Bible Trivia Questionsdownload

What are some good Bible trivia questions?

To spend the night on holiday like Christmas or new year, people tend to have games. Among those games, the trivia questions are considered the popular ones. Also, if you are a family of faith, you can try to do the youth Bible trivia questions. The youth level is more universal because it can be played by kids or older. The questions like the first book, first man, first woman, or the first sons can be very good beginnings. If it is too easy, you can go to the next level, a medium level for teens, and a hard level for adults.

What are some common trivia questions?

Because of its popularity, there are some competitions about trivia questions. In fact, those competitions provide thousand of dollars for the winners. That is why many people are really into this particular game. If you are interested in being the first in trivia games, you need to know the most common questions. The very first theme of questions is the abbreviation like SOCO. Then, there are also questions about Groundhog Day. After that, there will be El Nino for the weather, the national anthem, the castles, the movies, and also some old songs. Along with the rising popularity, the number of participants is also getting bigger each year. That is why the common trivia questions like the youth Bible trivia questions are very clinical to master.

What are the hardest questions in the Bible?

Like any other trivia questions, the youth Bible trivia questions also have their hardest ones. Most of the time, those questions are answered incorrectly even though those are asked to the older people. Questions like the highest rank of angel are quite hard. The other one, which is considered common knowledge is about the plague of Egypt. Some questions about history are also most likely to be answered wrong. There are so many other questions that the answers are really confusing. You just need to take a closer look at them.

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How do you write a trivia question?

Writing a trivia question especially for the youth Bible trivia questions is somehow a daunting task to do. It is because you have to research the background of the participants and collect the data so that the questions will not be too hard or too easy. But, if you are asked to do it, then you need to start by having the title as fun and timely as possible. The titles like the holiday, movie quotes, famous songs, European language will be a good start. Then, make sure the questions are at a thrill ride. The more they get along, the harder the questions are.


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