Halloween Envelopes Printable Templates

Updated on Jul 21, 2022
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Halloween Envelopes Printable Templates
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Halloween Envelope Printable
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How do I make an envelope template?

You can search many envelopes template at google, but you can also make your own using Microsoft Word 2013.

Step one, open a new blank document and select the ‘mailings’ tab

Step two, on the ‘mailings’ tab in the ‘create’ group, click ‘envelopes’.

Step three, click ‘options’ and then click the ‘envelope options’ tab.

Step four, in the ‘envelope size’ box, click the choice that matches the size of your envelope. If none of the choices matches your envelope size, you can customize the size by scrolling to the bottom of the list, click ‘custom size’, and then type the width and height dimension of your envelopes.

Step five, click the ‘font’ button in the delivery address or return address section to choose a custom font, font style, or font color for either or both addresses. In this step, you can add Halloween related images to make your envelopes more interesting. And then, click ‘ok’ when you are done

Step six,  add the envelope template to the document if you wanted to use the template again in the future by using the ‘add to document’ button. This can be beneficial for form letters and other similar documents.

Step seven, click the ‘print’ button when you are ready to print. Do not forget to follow your printer’s instructions and insert a blank envelope into the printer. The template would disappear after printing if you do not add the envelope to the document. Make sure that the envelope is printed correctly.

How do I make custom envelopes?

You can make your own custom envelopes on Microsoft words 2013 using the tutorial above.

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What paper is best for making envelopes?

There are many types of paper used for making envelopes. But the main types of paper grades are these six papers which are:

  1. Wove has a smooth appearance, prints well, and is an economical option. It is available in several weights and colors and is known as Bright White paper in its original form. For statement mailers and direct mail alike, this is a common paper.
  2. Surfaced Enhanced White Wove paper is often referred to as calendarized paper. For heavy ink designs, this type of paper is very smooth and perfect.
  3. Kraft paper is strong and is commonly seen in the brown stock. However, because of its long fibers, kraft paper doesn't print well and wouldn't be suitable for complex graphics.
  4. Recycled paper is a great way to improve your sustainability. Recycled papers used in envelope manufacturing are most generally made up of 10 percent to 30 percent post-consumer material.
  5. In several colors, finishes, textures, and weights, specialty papers are affordable. They are ideal for direct mail envelopes due to their variety of interesting features, yet can come at a higher price tag.
  6. Tear-resistant paper is almost indestructible and won’t tear under typical applications. It is also often water and moisture resistant.

How does the first paper envelope appear?

Chinese inventors created the first paper envelope in 200 BC. However, these straightforward protective wrappings were employed to transmit financial gifts instead of messages.

In the same period, wealthy Japanese men sent gifts to surviving family members using early versions. At the time, it was thought that the Chinese and Japanese copies were both created fairly badly by hand.

Production methods didn't get to the point where a paper envelope could be used for communication until the Medieval era. But again, the design hardly went beyond the second piece of paper folded over the letter and wax-sealed.

Such correspondence between the nobility and top Church members was rather prevalent. Beeswax and resin were used to create the seal, which was then sealed with a family crest and occasionally a ring.

How to make your own DIY Halloween envelope?

You can make your own envelope by following the instructions below, saving money instead of purchasing one from a store where the cost might be somewhat expensive.

Materials you need:

  •  A tape
  • A glue
  • A paper


  1. Purchase a sheet of paper that is rough twice the size of the needed envelope. You can use a conventional size of 8.5 by 11 inches; if you prefer a smaller envelope, fold and cut it in half before starting.

  2. The paper should be folded in half evenly. Get a rectangle that is half as large as your actual product.

  3. The left and right sides should be taped together. The top of the rectangle should remain open while the bottom two borders are tightly taped together. You should place your letter at the top.

  4. To create a flap, bend the top down. Bend the rectangle's open side down to create a tiny flap. By doing this, the letter will stay within the envelope.

  5. Add the card or letter. Put your letter, card, or other items by bending back the flap. Once this is completed, bend the flap down once more.

  6. To maintain your message sealed, glue the flap. Apply a thin layer of glue to the flap's inner edge, then squeeze the flap down. This will prevent the recipient from opening the envelope before it is sealed.


What kind of paper type is best for making envelopes?

Embrace contemporary design while adding an elegant touch. This combo will be sent to the recipients of your card or invitation in an envelope with a euro flap. Take into account using the euro flap envelope in Reich Savoy if you want an elegant, tidy, and crisp approach.

Reich Paper is a 100 percent brilliant white cotton product made in France that may be ordered in large quantities. If you're looking for wedding invitations, Reich Savoy is a fantastic choice.

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