Gingerbread Man Printable

Aug 26, 2015
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Gingerbread Man Printable

Gingerbread Man Printable

Printable Gingerbread Man Coloring Pages
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What's the Moral of the Gingerbread Man?

The moral of the story of The Gingerbread Man can be different from each point of view. First of all, why did he run away from the old woman and man who created him? The old woman created him out of love. The gingerbread boy ran away without even knowing their intentions. It may be better to communicate first and know the true intention before forming your judgments and making decisions. 

The second lesson is probably why did he mock every animal and character he met? He acted as he knows everything and can conquer everything. Resulting in him being eaten by the fox. Mocking is not the nicest gesture, maybe you can just say no instead of mocking people. 

The third lesson is when he's eaten by the fox. The fox tells him that he doesn't understand why the pig and the cow want to eat him. The fox acted like he wasn't even interested. The Gingerbread boy buys Fox's narrative and ends up dead. Again, knowing people's intentions is important. Don't be too naïve and trusting so easily. 

Who did the Gingerbread Man Runaway from?

The Gingerbread Man is run away from his maker which are the old women and men who wanted a child. After that, he runs away from other characters he met including some animal characters who want to eat him. He's running away because he wants to live and doesn't want to be eaten. But he ended up dead anyway. 

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Who are The Characters in the Gingerbread Man?

The characters in this story are the old woman who created the gingerbread man along with her husband. They are lonely and wanting a child. The main character is the gingerbread boy who comes to life once he jumps out of the oven. The other characters are the pigs, the cow, and the horse who try to stop the gingerbread boy and wanting to eat him. Finally there is the fox who successfully tricks the gingerbread boy and eats him. 

How did The Gingerbread Man Die?

The Gingerbread Man dies when he's eaten by the fox who said he's not interested with him. The fox said that he doesn't look tasty. Making him stop instead of continuing to run away. That's when he let his guard down and the fox ate him in one catch.  

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