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Updated on Nov 16, 2022
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Thanksgiving Printable Pre-K Worksheets
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How is Thanksgiving celebrated in the USA?

The commercial holiday of Thanksgiving is always celebrated largely in the US. Schools and offices are closed during this celebration. People will have family gatherings while also enjoying some foods that are typical of the commemorations.

Traced back to the first feast held which was in 1621 and takes almost 400 years celebrations until nowadays. What a fantastic. Therefore, some cultures during the first feast were also taken back to the present tradition.

Large dinner with turkey and pie is a part of the tradition. People would be setting the table in the feast vibes with any decorations and place cards going on. The centerpiece dish is the turkey while the pumpkin pie is the dessert star. You can call it a “no diet” day because everyone eats more during the day.

In the morning, it is time to join Turkey Trot at the local site. Some people also tend to visit Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Manhattan Street. American football also includes in the feast part. Some people would love to spend time watching NFL (National Football League), and even student football that aired on TV.

Crows everywhere before and after the feast. Everyone would travel to visit their families before the day and come back after it. Stores also offer large discounts on Black Friday! So, it’s pretty crowded everywhere.

What are some harvest festivals around the world?

Autumn is a blessing for everyone. Some countries even commemorate with an annual feast to deliver gratitude over harvest loads. These lists show you some harvest festivals around the world.

China, Taiwan, and Vietnam have the Moon Festival. The name was taken from the full moon which coincided with the celebration. Moon cakes are prepared during the ceremony. The aim of this harvest feast is to bring gratitude over the harvest while also hoping the same for next year.

The Rice Harvest Festival takes place in Bali, Indonesia. It’s included in the Hinduism culture and commemorates from May 1 until June 30. The feast aimed to take the evil spirit out of the land. It is also used to deliver the thankful for the rice goddess. The town decorates with colored flags on the day. Bull races are also there and make the celebration more festive

Yam Festival celebrates annually by The Ewe of Ghana. The feast takes place after the rainy season. It aimed to deliver the hope to avoid famine next year. The celebration fills with parades and dances. This kind of ceremony is also held in Nigeria and Papua New Guinea.

Thanksgiving Day Printables
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Printable Thanksgiving Worksheets
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Printable Thanksgiving Worksheets Activities
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How do you throw a Friendsgiving party?

A Friendsgiving party is where you can spend time with friends while celebrating Thanksgiving. Host an incredible party with full throwing outstanding decorations and delicate meals refers to the feast. Take this idea in case you are interested!

  1. Though it’s only your friends, sending the invitation will make it fun! grab some cards and design them cutely. Pull off your handwriting skills and attach the invitation details there.
  2. Have some potluck meals for sharing. Many choices you can have such as Traditional Bread Stuffing, Pumpkin Cornbread Stuffing, Sweet Potato Casserole, and more.

  3. A place card for each table is a must. DIY it by yourself by adding more feast ornaments. The Turkey template sounds funny though.

  4. Setting the table is also one you should pay attention to. Make it cute but elegant with candle details and glass wine for drinks. Place the cute centerpiece from the gratitude pumpkin.

  5. Decoration also should be there! Place some pumpkins on which you guys can write your wishes on it. Add the orange balloons referring to the feast along with any maple trees garland.

  6. Having a photo booth sounds fun too! Decorate and pick up some photo props from the Dollar tree store. Capture the moments while making funny poses. Guaranteed makes you smile every time you look at it.

  7. Pack the return gifts. Small things will be great for this. You can go with pumpkin-scented candles, care packages, candies boxes, bath bombs, and more.


What is Black Friday?

 Black Friday is a day after Thanksgiving which is a part of American tradition. The sellers offer huge discounts and crowds massively shopping. The concept of Black Friday derived from the business concept which might put them in a black hole. It means people might only get the financial loss on the day.

This day is such a scary one. People can go wild over the fantastic deals! Some source show this phenomenon is kinda terrible because it’s indeed a crowds tsunami. They wait outside even though the store hasn’t opened yet. This gets intense when people bumped into the place and race takes everything they can reach. No one called as a friend here. The online store is kinda same tough. Buyers even caused the platform to go down.


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