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What to do to forgive?

More well-being and faith, greater health, more consciousness, or less worry and sadness are all linked to forgiveness. It also increases bliss and hope. It is crucial in the workplace since frustration, frustration, and hostility are all obstacles to coordinating activities. Forgiveness builds connections and improves team performance, thus it is emphasized in circumstances where individuals are doing well at work. Also, it encourages creativity and taking risks. Only in a society where making mistakes is acceptable may individuals feel at ease trying new things.

Therefore, despite how crucial forgiveness is, we are all aware that it is difficult to forgive a person who has wronged us. The following three actions may be helpful when you're attempting to forgive:

  • Recognize any anger or betrayal you may be experiencing. These are genuine emotions, and only by being fully acknowledged can they be conquered.
  • Trying to comprehend the person's motivations for acting in the way that they did. It is simpler to forgive when one has empathy. You might be able to better understand the factors that may have influenced the offender to behave in the manner they did by looking at the situation from their point of view.
  • Give up being resentful. In order to accomplish this, one must consciously decide to look ahead and place their attention on a bright future rather than drowning in the regret of a painful past experience.


Getting God's assistance in forgiveness

One of the most difficult things to accomplish is to forgive others. We somehow feel much better about ourselves when we cause harm to the other person in the exchange. Christian believers understand that everyone—including ourselves—is far from ideal. Despite our best efforts to live moral lives, we seem tempted to sin and continuously fall short of God's glory. Meanwhile, God actually cares about us to the point that He provided His one and only Son to undergo death on the cross in order to grant us everlasting bliss with Him.

We would not have been able to be freed if God had not pardoned us. Because of this, we should show them forgiveness. According to Matthew 6:15, ”If you don't forgive other people for their mistakes, your heavenly Father won't forgive your own”.

Furthermore, when we assess ourselves according to how God perceives us rather than how other people see us, we become less likely to seek retribution when someone insults us.

It's crucial to keep in mind that forgiveness never comes easily, and it never excuses anything others may have said or done to us that was hurting. But ultimately, moving forward is only possible with God's assistance in forgiving. We can have peace believing that our God is a just God who cares about us and only desires the greatest for us.

Easter and forgiveness are related

Easter is the time when we commemorate the new creation that God made with us by means of Jesus, a bond of life and forgiveness. Instead of being something that we offer or get occasionally, forgiveness is more of a present and lifelong choice that God offers, which we must choose to accept. While it is true that forgiving someone might be seen as a one-time event, as Christians, God commands us to regard forgiving others as a fundamental part of our lives.

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The Unforgiving Servant Parable: What does it mean?

In Matthew's Gospel, Chapter 18, verses 21–35, the "Parable of the Unforgiving Servant" is presented. In order to impart a lesson, a parable tells a story. Forgiveness is a lesson that Jesus taught his followers through the parable of the unforgiving servant.

The unforgiving servant's story

A king who was collecting debts owed to him by his servants is the subject of the parable. 10,000 talents were owing by one of the servants. He was unable to make payments. For the purpose of paying off the debt, the king commanded that the man, along with his wife and kids, be sold into slavery. The loan was forgiven by the king after the man begged for forgiveness and asked for more time since it would take him many lives to repay it. 

One of the other servants owed this same one a sum of money, not much, 100 denarii. Oddly, the unforgiving servant requested that the other's debt be compensated, despite the fact that he had just been shown mercy. The bitter servant ordered the other servant to debtors' prison to await his pay when he failed to make the payment.

The king was informed of his acts after they were observed. The king withdrew his kindness and condemned the man to be punished until his debt was paid after learning that the forgiven servant had demanded to likewise forgive. Jesus says that the Father is like a king who is ready to provide forgiveness as well as mercy to those who are also ready to extend mercy to others in his final statement.

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