Vintage Printable Christmas Name Tags

Mar 24, 2009
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Vintage Printable Christmas Name Tags

Vintage Printable Christmas Name Tags

Vintage Christmas Gift Tags Printable
Vintage Christmas Gift Tags Printabledownload

Are Vintage Christmas Name Tags Collectible?

Vintage name tags are collectible and valuable. The price may vary, depending on when they were made. If you like collecting antiques but still on a budget, you can still buy vintage name tags online. The design might be a bit outdated, but it's not produced that way again like the ones in modern days. It is probably half handmade and half machine-made. It is also valuable if it has been passed down from generation to generation.

Who Are The Most Common Characters in Vintage Christmas Name Tags?

It is, of course, Santa Claus. You will see Santa giving presents and his sleigh and deer. Long ago, people were still into religion, so you will also find smiling angels and shining stars. Look at your Christmas decoration that you also see in public like Holy, Christmas wreath, and candles. Vintage Christmas name tags have those Christmas decorations but in small size. We almost forgot about Snowman! The snowman here is tall, with its broom, magical hat, and joy from his smile. You will also recognize the vintage version of Mickey Mouse and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Can I Make Vintage Christmas Name Tags at Home?

Sure thing! You can make vintage Christmas name tags at home. If you want to make it by hand, all you need is a bulk of rustic paper cards, markers, and strings. Also, learn about the old fonts like the cursives. People probably think it is from the 1800s. If you want to make it with a computer, minimalize the over-edit for the characters and pictures and use Comic Sans font. Choose the tall and red-cheek Santa, instead of the watercolor ones. Vintage arts usually look more natural and simple. You can insert old cartoons like Garfield, Mickey Mouse, and Alice in Wonderland.

Printable Vintage Christmas Hang Tag
Printable Vintage Christmas Hang Tagdownload
Printable Vintage Christmas Labels
Printable Vintage Christmas Labelsdownload
Printable Christmas Tags
Printable Christmas Tagsdownload
Vintage Christmas Gift Tags Printable
Vintage Christmas Gift Tags Printabledownload
Printable Vintage Christmas Cards
Printable Vintage Christmas Cardsdownload
Printable Victorian Christmas Gift Tags
Printable Victorian Christmas Gift Tagsdownload
Printable Christmas Tags and Labels
Printable Christmas Tags and Labelsdownload

What Are Christmas Gifts in the 19th Century?

In the 19th century, people were focused on science and its development. That is why books were the first favorite Christmas gift in the 19th century. If a dress can make the outer pretty, a book can make the inner and outer beautiful. There was a lot of poverty. The rich gave the poor bread, a young bull, and coal. As they also put their attention to beauty, it was common to give hair styling aid. Since most young girls stay at home and did the house chores, the men gave kitchen cabinets as a Christmas gift.

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