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Updated on Jan 27, 2022
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Sewing Pattern Tunic Dress
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How do you draft a tunic pattern?

Before we download sewing pattern tunics, firstly we need to understand what a tunic is. A tunic can be described as clothing or a garment for our body or as a top. Usually, the length reaches until the hips or the knees. The shape is commonly loose and the cut is simple.

Well, when we want to create our own tunics, surely we need sewing patterns tunics. We know, the shape of the tunic is simple and the cut seems seamless and not too complicated. However, still, we need the sewing patterns to get the tunics that suit the body. When it comes to downloading the sewing patterns we are required to understand how to draft a tunic pattern.

Well, we need to know this formula. Actually, the tunic is longer than a blouse. The length is approximately 4 inches to 6 inches longer and commonly, the length ends at the hip. When it comes to using for a top, the tunic ends at the hip only. However, if we want to use the tunic just like a dress, we can make it longer until the knee.

If we want to continue drafting a sewing patterns tunic, we are allowed to give a 1 inch at the side seam. We can also use the same measurement for the hem, and the taper. This aims to meet the armhole of the blouse block. So, we don't need more effort to add to the bust or shoulders.

How do you make a tunic neckline?

Well, when it comes to using sewing patterns tunics, we need to know that we can't skip the neckline of the tunic as well. This is because the suitable neckline cutting will give a better neck illusion for us. It is not possible if we don't keep an eye on the neckline when using the patterns our neck can look so short. The tunic that we have made is quite a waste due to our mistake, right? So, to prevent this to happen, here are some steps to sew a tunic neckline:

  1. Firstly, we can fuse the seam allowances of the placket.
  2. Then, we can make it secure by using the fabric tape that has double-sided adhesive. We can also use the fusible web.
  3. Start to sew the seams of the shoulder.
  4. Continue to sew the neckline of the tunic.
  5. To make the neck looks longer, consider the V-neck cutting instead.
  6. Start sewing the opening of the V-neck center.
  7. Cut slightly and clip the neckline.
  8. We can choose to understitch the neckline, then turn and press them.
  9. Lastly, topstitch the neckline.

Tunic Dress Pattern Free
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How much fabric do I need for a tunic top?

Yes, besides using the sewing patterns tunics to make our tunics fit our body, we are also required to know the amount of fabric that we will use in a single tunic top. Well, to answer this, we can consider 2 yards until 3 yards of the fabric that we choose.

The key to remember when it comes to measuring the amount of the fabric for a tunic is determining the length of the tunic, whether it reaches the hip or knee. Then, we can double the length of the fabric. After that, we can give some more 25 centimeters (0.27 yards). If we want to sew the tunic until it reaches the knee, we are recommended to use 2.25 yards (2.06) of fabric.

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