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Oct 14, 2010
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Blank Scattergories Answer Sheets Printable
Blank Scattergories Answer Sheets Printabledownload

How do you play the card game Scattergories?

There are so many card games that can be used to pass the time. Those card games are even available in so many forms. But, the conventional card game that is played offline will be the best and the most fun one. One of them is called Scattergories. The game focuses on how many words we can write for one category. The category itself is varied and so random, like fiction characters, movie titles, or family names. The game not only is able to make the time much more fun but also able to make the brain always active and engaged. Besides, it can make you more familiar with words.

To play the Scattergories offline, the only thing you need to have is the cardboard game. Instead of buying it, you can make your own board. You just need to prepare some things like the dice, the category sheets, and the scattergories answer sheets. The steps are simple. Place the category list sheet on the left and the answer sheet on the right. Each category list is for three answer sheets. Then, roll the dice, which have 20-sided letters. After that write down the first category on the category lists. Limited by time, the winner will be the ones who can write down the most words for the single category list.  

How do you play Scattergories online with friends?

Thanks to technology, there are so many card games that can be played online or even with your long-distance friends. There are so many Scattergories board games available, it is also featured with nice scattergories answer sheets. What makes it more interesting is that those apps are almost all free with so many challenging and fun features. But, the apps will consume storage space. There is also an alternative. You can play the Scattergories free by accessing the Scattergories game websites. There are so many websites that will give you the fun of playing the game with no storage space needed.  

Printable Scattergories Categories List
Printable Scattergories Categories Listdownload
Printable Scattergories Sheets
Printable Scattergories Sheetsdownload
Printable Scattergories Sheets
Printable Scattergories Sheetsdownload
Printable Scattergories Lists 1
Printable Scattergories Lists 1download

How long do you have in Scattergories?

It is Parker Brothers who are the first persons who publish the game for the very first time in the world. But then, the game was purchased by Hasbro a few years later. The play is so simple and the game brings so much fun. The best part is when the player needs to fill up the scattergories answer sheets with the letter. Generally, the timer will be set for about three minutes. The fewer minutes used the more challenging the game. Also, the more words with the same letter for one answer the more points the player will get.

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