Printable Subtraction Worksheets 1st Grade

Sep 19, 2022
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Printable 1st Grade Math Subtraction Worksheets
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How do you make a 1st-grade math worksheet fun?

Math skill is crucial to teach. Constructing the math worksheet in a fun theme would be nice. Go with a colorful design if it's for the 1st graders. If you seek ideas on creating the math worksheet for 1st graders, just check the below explanation!

Construct the question that let the kids do the addition or subtraction on the worksheet. Involve the image kids are already familiar with. Animals, flowers, and fruits would be great to make the sheet colorful. With eye-catching images, kids will easily engage with your practice template.

Having a numbering exercise sounds interesting too. It designs to train the kids in counting. Serve the image with the numbers and let the kids fill in the blank with appropriate numbers.

In this practice, just use the constructed image such as the train with its hopper. Involving them to color the hopper with various colors can be attractive too.

When it comes to the image as the end result is also great to consider. Make the students to connecting the lines number by number to create a whole picture.

For the 1st graders, just go with the simplest image and the limited numbers. The 1-10 numbers as clues are enough. Instruct the kids to do addition and subtraction based on the color categories kinda engaging too. Design it with tons of colors of the items and let them answer with the clues provided.

Those are how you can create the 1st graders' worksheets. The importance of choosing the design is the engaging aspect. Choose the ones that fit your students the most and let them have fun learning!

How can you make the subtraction color by number worksheet?

Subtraction belongs to a basic math skill that needs to master. The 1st graders already know how to do them in common. Instead of an ordinary form, go beyond with the color by number subtraction, so they can have fun while learning. Let’s check this out to know how you can construct the customized color-by-number worksheet.

Decide the worksheet theme to put on. If you are about to welcome the season, just go with it as the theme. For example, the Halloween celebration is coming. Then you can take the symbols as the worksheet items such as pumpkin.

Pumpkin in common is only about the orange and green in its stem. You can include other pumpkin colors such as green, white, yellow, and blue to involve in the worksheet. Put some subtraction questions on each pumpkin part. Don’t forget to list the clues of color code that are linked to the question result.

Basically, it will make the kids need to color the pumpkin by matching it with the color code. So, the students have to do the questions first. After having the right result, they can match it with the color code. The result makes them color the pumpkin in the right color you’ve decided.

That’s how you can create a subtraction color-by-number worksheet. Make sure each kid already gets the materials, so they can execute it well.

Printable First Grade Subtraction Worksheets
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Printable 1st Grade Math Worksheets
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What board game for kids to increase math skills?

Instead of teaching math in an ordinary way, find a way to let your kids acquire it in a fun way. Games are believed an engaging way to learn every skill, including math. If you are searching for games intended to make your kids master math skills, then this post is for you!

Feed the Woozle is a cooperative game suited for preschoolers. This math task in this game is to make the kids count the right amount of food and also the types of food.

If you look for games involving addition and subtraction, Sum Swamp is recommended. The kids need to roll the dice with addition and subtraction symbols to define the figures moving ahead. This game suits well for age 5+.

Make the kids recognize the pattern and build a strategy with Qwirkle. This game has a task for creating tiles’ lines by matching the colors and shapes. The Qwirkle board game is perfect for age 6+. For the strategy game, you can choose Battle Sheep to play with your kids.

This game includes counting and planning but still not involving numbers in it. Bingo is also a board game to play with. It makes the kids master pattern recognition and counting itself. For the student's age 9+, go with the bingo that includes the fraction, percentage, and decimal on it.

Select those board games considering your kids' ages. Before jumping to the game, make sure you teach them basic math skills such as counting, addition, and subtraction, so they can have a fun time playing those games.

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