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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Health class teachers want to teach kids about balanced diets, but materials are often complex or dull. They need simple yet engaging tools. A MyPlate printable sheet could break down nutrition basics cleanly. Could help kids grasp healthy eating concepts quicker and more fun way.

We create a MyPlate printable sheet to make learning about healthy eating fun and easy. It's designed with sections for each food group, so kids can color and label them with their favorite foods. This approach helps them understand the importance of balanced meals. Teachers and parents find it useful for discussions on nutrition and healthy choices.

MyPlate Sheet

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  1. Protein MyPlate Coloring Sheet
  2. MyPlate Coloring Page
  3. MyPlate Food Groups Template
  4. My Food Plate Worksheet
  5. Healthy Plate Coloring Pages
  6. Blank MyPlate Worksheet
  7. MyPlate Coloring Sheet
  8. MyPlate Placemat
  9. My Plate Worksheet For Health Template
  10. MyPlate Coloring Page
Protein MyPlate Coloring Sheet Printable
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MyPlate Coloring Page
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MyPlate Food Groups Template
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My Food Plate Worksheet
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Healthy Plate Coloring Pages
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Blank MyPlate Worksheet
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MyPlate Coloring Sheet Printable
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MyPlate Printable Placemat
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Printable My Plate Worksheet For Health Template
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Printable MyPlate Coloring Page
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Why do people prefer MyPlate food guide?

It offers a comprehensive and up-to-date model of a healthy consumption. Vegetables take the large piece of the chart which is 30%. Then, it is followed by grains (30%). Fruits and protein take a fifth of the amount.

It does not require meat to be included. Instead, it uses the word ‘protein’ which can be fish or beans for vegan. It erases the fat oil which exists in the previous MyPyramid. It also encourages people to consume dairy.

From the aforementioned information,  this latest version is easy to understand and the composition makes a good diet. Furthermore, the ingredients are cheaper and can be found at the grocery stores or farmer markets. 

How do we teach children about food guides in a classroom?

MyPlate design is accessible and easily grasped by children. In teaching a healthy diet to students, several steps need to be done. The first one is printing the healthy meal templates. The students can have two options; choosing the colorless or the colorful ones.

The second is discussion. Pupils are asked to exchange ideas about the definition and examples of protein, vegetables, dairy, and so on. They also need to analyze why the portion is divided into five categories.

Furthermore, they can share their favorite food and their recommendations with their friends. Additionally, they can analyze their usual meals compared to the graphic. They need to understand which area needs improvement.

After that, they start to cut and paste or color the paper. Make the students help each other. Thereafter, they are finished, ask the students to choose whether they want to put their results at school or home.

If they choose to put it on the classroom’s walls, they can use it for reference before buying snacks. For the ones who bring it home, make sure they share their printable with their parents and discuss their future meals together.

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  1. Nathan

    This MyPlate Printable Sheet is a helpful and concise resource that makes it easy to keep track of balanced meals. Thanks for providing a practical tool to stay on track with healthy eating!

  2. Caleb

    Love this MyPlate Printable Sheet! It's a simple and convenient tool for keeping my eating habits on track. Thanks for the free resource!

  3. Caleb

    I love using the MyPlate Printable Sheet - it's a simple yet effective tool that helps me stay mindful of my food choices. Thank you for making healthy eating easier and more accessible!

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